Hey Leute,
Hier ein kleiner Einblick in meine tägliche Morgenroutine 😀
Dieses Projekt “Late for School” ist bis jetzt das Zeitaufwändigste Projekt was ich gemacht hab.
3 Wochen insgesamt mit 5 Drehtagen und vielen Stunden Schneiden und Rendern!
Ich hoffe das Ergebnis gefällt euch 🙂
Wenn ja lasst doch eine Bewertung oder ein Kommentar da.

Vielen Dank an: Nils und Santino!

“don’t take the Video too serious guys” 😉



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Mega_Killa says:

*travels half the city to go to school*

Me: I wish I could do that..

Sophie Charlton says:

Teachers pet here like

domala nany says:

Time is relative. It took 9 hours for him and 4:21 for us

Sabaton says:

Du bist Ein Deutscher. Lol

vincent nguyen says:

Legend says that the skateboard is still there today

Raptus M. says:

Notice the title says parkour but he hopped into a car halfway through the video

Gaming Boy says:

Where is your school

_RedXGamer_ says:

When you know your way around the city

Ano A says:

Your not so cool apparently my parents had to go through way worse to get to school so

Max Garkzsha Nudel says:

Du bist ein deutscher

dirt army says:

2019? And park our for life dude

Esteban Neri-Enciso says:

This song is from dying light

vincent nguyen says:

He just pushes somebody and steals their bike

Violet Genecarldso says:

Hi im new here

Bobby Sinclair says:

Why jump across buildings when you can drive?

Olivier IJntema says:

You forget your bag

Teriquarters Official says:

Birdseye: *busy doing parkour*
Me: woooooo
A random grandma who owns the wrecked flowers: so it was you who wrecked my flowers dang it Birdseye I thought I liked your damn parkour vids I’m gonna make your school worse especially who is enjoying this video
Me : *deletes video history* it’s not me not me

GalaXius wolf says:

0:54 rip skateboard someone’s probably gonna steal it

Tina Britto says:

His school is in different country

Sabitri Pahlad says:

Man you are awesome.Hit the like button right moe!And dont FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!!!!!

Kimberly Aguilar says:

Dude what happen to his skateboard

Sheikh Reyaz says:

WTF U didn’t washed your face

Abra Kadabra says:

When did park our and free running switch definitions lmao

Brandon Jack says:

God damn where is your school and why don’t u take the bus

Alex Duran says:

He stull a bike

Heather Cross says:

Or………you could walk like a normal person lol

Achido says:

Your school is 1 billion miles away

The Grim Reaper 99 says:

As cool as this parkour is it is very obvious that it is fake

Majalla Cleofas says:

wow nice parkoure you late in school my time to go in school 7.00 am

Coop_Da_WIZ ! says:

He lives far away from his school

thekiller_boy says:

you forget your skate board

Sumi Chin says:

Purple Flowers
2016-03-19 2019-03-03

Jss Everything says:

I would rather escape from school.

Alfred Li says:

*Uh yes its a take uh me 9 hour to get to school.*

Kid Kush says:

Seriously like where do u live… Being a parkour doesn’t mean u must have a different state for schooling

Leonell Crux says:

No mames we pues has donde esta tu escuela jaja

N00B5LAY3R says:

O my god he must have been tired

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