Kids Obstacle Challenge March 2nd 2013 – All Runs

Parkour Visions gym in Seattle, WA: Your first class is free!

Congrats to everyone who ran, you guys did great! You can watch the full 22 minute video if you REALLY want to, or you can just use the timestamps below to find your runs:

0:00 Amelia
2:10 Austin
3:18 Baily
4:34 Bridger
5:36 Caden
7:06 Cameron
8:11 Cedric
9:42 Colby
10:21 Ian
11:30 JJ
13:10 Joe
14:10 Jordi
14:24 Kyle
15:29 Mia
16:24 Miles A
17:08 Miles H
18:03 Nathan
19:13 Neo
20:06 Zach
21:11 Gabe


The Archer says:

Damn Coby is a god!! (9:44 is when coby starts)

emir crak crak says:

muimal por tiene saltar masalto

Kimberly Stechly says:

where did you guys go that is so cool

the-goloman 04 says:


Leah Hopkins says:

So cute I want to compete in American Ninja Warrior

Abdullah Cheema says:

Its parkour visions settale

CraftSmiley says:

We’re is this place?

Mario Flip Flop says:

That it’s supper easy

flon TV says:

really nice

Angel Nankinov says:


Simao Silva says:

O miúdo chinês estragou tudo

Nicky Purchase says:

bloody he’ll I’m better than her

Best Bros says:


Adriana Tecno says:

fracasaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 1

mlg galaxy g says:

little kids parkour

Melissa Raymen says:

What is this place called because I wanna go

Gladys Brockett says:

I do parkour the exact same way as the kid at 9:43

Caio Gameplay says:

só eu só br

Kerambit says:

тупая девка не умеет паркурить

白石美沙 says:


Mariana Sofia says:


Jyi Jones says:

I really love parkour I am 10

riegomark jasper says:

guys tell me sis place I’m better

shadow emma says:

y is there only 1 girl?

João Pedro Ferreira says:


Alex Kennedy says:


Tammy Taylor says:

that girl can be a part of Assassin’s Creed

dave2684 says:


Alex Kennedy says:


CUBEtube 123 says:


Charlie 3838 says:

NIIINNNJAAAA WARRRIIIOOOORRRR!!!!!! (who remembers the old Japanese version, i find it better than the modern)

Antonella Cancelliere says:

l ultimo era un po scarso

Alejandra Ibarra c. says:

Pongan. Los. Niños. Musculosos

Lechu Hueva says:


Wendel Reis says:

eu quero ver esse trinamento porque eu quero aprender fazer

Paigepoprock Rocko says:

that man was an idiot it wasn’t like they were going to fall

king clash says:

onesly they suck don’t u think

RedRouge redblade2 says:

im good

Aziz El Azzouzi says:


Kaleu Soares says:

oi onde é esse lugar, esse vídeo foi muito legal

Madhok Family says:

Looks fun I want to go there

Lizzygames says:


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