Jedi Lightsaber Training In Real Life (Star Wars Parkour)

Jedi training in real life from star wars. As a lot of you may know, I am obsessed with star wars and lightsabers. I love pretending to be a jedi and do flips with my lightsabers! Always enjoyed combining parkour and tricking with star wars.

Do you guys like star wars?

🎬 More superheroes doing parkour 🎬:



Sezen Chakarova says:

+Team Extreme Thank You <333

Boglárka Bürge says:

Nick bro

Chan Cheuk Lam says:

The new trilogy should hire this guy!!!!

MTV beats blood mai hai beat says:

Your video quality is better than your before video

Xx_Tj King_xX says:

Almost to a million

Dusan Cehelsky says:

I dare you to do a side flip and a backflip

Daniel Bullet Force says:

Nick pro would you be a Sith it Jedi ? And I love your vids

ödön Mága says:

jo vagy nick pro igy továb

Wolf Gang says:

You should do fortnite emotes for example flipping incredible like if you agree

Naiynye John says:

Do you know mortal kombat

William Jimenez says:

I love your videos!

Os Irmãos says:

you rock


Nick pro deserves a million subs

Don Balanon says:

Good quality

Anita Johnson says:

When are you going to do something with Jessie baron

nina porter says:


Cam McC says:


Mulenga Kafwilo says:


Binario Ochentaycinco says:

can you explain how you do a handspring with a saber in you hand?

Ace of the 223 says:

Which we should make a movie of Star Wars called Jedi return of the centuries

Super heroes says:

I don’t see him doing parkour I want him to do. Just Flips is a movie he should make.


Bro this is my brothers music that he made thanks for putting it on your YouTube channel that’s so sick

dinosaurinvader says:

Collab with jacksepticeye and he can do a vid where he is brad or it can be a power hour for him and you can do an adice video

Classic Empire says:

Hey nick so I learned a backflip on ground just yesterday but I land on my knees and my cousin who also learned it the same time as me can land it it’s beachside I don’t jump high enough and I jump to far back is there any tips you can give me or can you give me a totorial if that’s fine or any flip places

QwertY133 5 says:

You are very good i am from polish

Nick Pro says:

Would you be a Jedi or a sith?!

Louis Chong says:

I suscribe and turn on Post Notifications

nathan 24ey7 says:


Hab Arenas says:

For the Republic !

Anubis Awaits says:

Im just a huge Sith fan I hate it when Jedi win XD

karan gulabani says:

laws of motion obstacle course

Master of the life says:

I’m a Jedi. I have a green lightsaber but black robes

Mary Baron says:

You should do stunts from Spider-Man 3.

Danilo Silva says:


Sean Borrageiro says:


nathan 24ey7 says:

Best video ever

Anubis Awaits says:

Sith; The Dark Side is coming for you and im bringing Tulak Hord

Air-O Parkour says:

Dude, that sucked

Derek Burges says:

A jedi

superdark isaac12345 says:

i subscribe and truned on the bell

Adam Wolfe says:

Nice CGI

Luis Galang says:

Thats a toy that detects hand movement right?!

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