IRON FIST Parkour Training

When Iron Fist isn’t training martial arts he’s training parkour.
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Filmed by Kuma Films
Todd and Joe Robbins

Mask created by Skyler Ostler with Cosplay Apprentice

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Logo Intro

Animation: Zeb Jackson

Music: – Kitten Air – ScottDW

Iron Fist


ParkourMaster Official says:

YASSS! from Ultimate Spider man! Dude Ronnie love your vids and you Inspired me to make my own channel!

Michał Ziembiewicz says:

watch dogs 2 plese

Loner #3 says:

Why doesnt this have more views

Bboy Ginga says:

Hey Ronnie street stunts what was the flip u did at 2:00

Andy Dang says:

How can I overcome the fear of jumping?

Eddie Yettie says:

plot twist
its the same woods
he did assassins creed 3 in

Master Loquendo R&M says:

ronnie i love your videos you are an excellent freerunner and you inspire me to keep practicing

The WarHammer says:

That doesnt look like the show.

Gryphon Of Steel says:

Really cool vid! How did you make the mask though?


nice video sir

Kuulieboy says:

This was awesome.

justix says:

thanks ronnie becoze of u i lerned parkour and i cam make cool videos with my friends 🙂

Ark Ark says:

Ronnie, you don’t need to dress up like a hero. You are one!

World Wrestling Of Endorphin says:

Your very good at parkour , I love your style

Kuma Films says:

It turned out great, that was a fun couple days. Thanks for letting us help out on this project!

Fatalcreator says:

Awesome job at getting the cameraman in the endcard (#out_in_the_shadows)

Lorenzo D'Avanzo says:


Moist Tacos says:

This kind of reminds me of daredevil

Lego Tv says:

cool parkour

Bastien Vandecapelle says:

the last shot, OMG it’s so cool man ! GG to you all !

Sukochi says:

Started sho about 5 hours ago, episode 6

Alexandra Kek says:

Wow, you are amazing! You move like a monkey!

dysvanlist says:

i call my boyfriend iron fist

Looka Pooka says:


xLemonx 289 says:

i wish i can do parkour like you man


i love you


It’s so cool how you made a parkour vid about Iron Fist! I never saw it coming!!!

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