Improve Your Balance Training | 30 Day Parkour Challenge: Day 3

Learn how to improve your balance on Day 3 of my 30 day parkour challenge.
Day 1:
Day 2:

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Zaheer Musa says:

there is actually a youtuber called Unspeakable and his gaming chanell called Unspeackablegaming and he has over 3mill subs!!

Konstantinos Theo says:


salman fulani parkour says:

amazing i start my training with this . and thanks ronnie for teaching us parkour tricks

speed_demons 706 says:

Did you do a video with David Lopez and it was called “Parkour Juan”

Be Happy says:

Well it is January and freezing cold so I’ll do it it may

Volt Siano says:

I missed New Year’s Eve, so I guess I’m back on day one. Did some more endurance running – kinda’ gonna’ be the theme of this week.


Btw You should get some storror tens if you want some parkour shoes

VEZIX says:

Thanks so much Ronnie your one of my favorite YouTubers jk about that you are my favorite

Hive Fleet Hydrocynus says:

You should get a slackline. That will help train your balance skills and it’s fun 🙂

Symbiote Gamers says:

Its my first day of 30 day parkour
Last 2 days I was sick

Edonis Bunjaku says:

I never even skipped it I love your videos

Maja Kolodziej says:

This looks so easy but isn’t omg lol xD

Barbara Alejos says:

I am her son you can call me speedy51398

Barbara Alejos says:

Ronnie what type of shoes are good for parkour

Sniper 4Days Yt says:

Like #564

Hero Ash says:

Ronnie: “Whoops I said it…”
Me: **says it over, and over again** “CRITICIZE ME NOW PPL!!!”

jk, plz don’t kill meh…

happy New Year, Ronnie!

Peter Parkourz says:

ronnie why not just roll from heights


Perfect exactly what I need to learn and ignore the criticism m8 their jealous of your parkour skills

Jeffrey Koelewijn says:

I’m gonna try some of these trainings but with a groin protector

K Art says:

Ronnie don’t worry about what others say when you say “30 day challenge” if you wanna see say it you say it

Drake Andrejas says:

The only time I ever use the arrow keys in your videos, is when you do some sexy move that I wanna watch again

megabeaver23 says:

Should have gone for the lower bar in the rail pre.

Ddevil 666 says:

It’s like -2 here

Barbara Alejos says:

I like watching your videos because they can help me overcome any fear

Signing ASL says:

I have a quote I always rely on when doing things like this.
“Don’t practice until you get it right, practice until you can’t get it wrong”
(I did not make that quote. I don’t know who did. If you find the person tell me.)

Tri Dian says:

great balance

Peter Parkourz says:

no problem ronnie say it as many times as you want your awsome

zornathel 123 says:

still here with you and go see my youtube channel it is called zornathel 123

Luis Alvarez says:

What brand are your shoes??

Ddevil 666 says:

I’ll start training once the weather gets warmer since outside it’s almost in the negatives but once the day is in like the 50 and up I WILL do the challenge

Endless Enchants says:

Its really hard to get outside to practice at my usual spots because weather is in single digits. Im still trying to train, just stuff I can do inside

Freedom Freerunning says:

This video was really relaxing!

Joey Shamet says:

What are the red shoes you are wearing called?

Ddevil 666 says:

Oh no I mean 7

Zafar Iqbal says:


John Ward says:

Good traning

David M says:

Nice Ronnie, motivational for 2018.

gamingwizardmagic says:

what is the key for balance speed or slow

Biohazard55 says:

Awesome, i don’t mind if your vids are “boring” because they really aren’t lol, i’m starting my 30 challenge today, although its winter here in North Idaho, i will try to do some good training stuff around in the 2 foot snow 🙂

The epic Gameplayer says:

Any good parkour spots in Preston I’m finally early

Tannah Wilson says:

you are my hero this is on my sisters computer im a boy you inspire me every day keep doing it

DupstepLover says:

gonna start tomorrow because of leg injury also how fast can you run?

Peter Parkourz says:

ill watch all the way through because your awsome

quartzFISH says:

What shoes are u wearing in this video Ronnie ?


Happy new year!

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