I often get asked from people of all ages “how do I start parkour”
Well let me ask you a question “When did you stop doing parkour?” Learn how to continue the progressive path of parkour you started as a child.

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Red Productions says:

This got me really motivated, and I went to the park and decided to vault a bench onto the grass.

I figured i’d do the cool stuff like on youtube, and went for a monkey vault

You know how that ended.

ANOYMOUSE :/ says:

2:39 it looks like the notch on vivo v11 pro LOL

Memeem _ says:

I do learn from you. But to be honest I learn more from Apex parkour class. But you still teach me lots of things and keep me entertained.

Data27 says:

I am ten i want to do parkour i am scared i live in village some could tips?

Rihab Waddi says:

This is one of the most useful videos I’ve ever watched.THANKS A LOT

theflashbluepro roblox is the best says:

Thanks to you I learned parkour in a week

Adam Jones says:

You a fake

Carrick Rogers says:

Yo those pants are wack

PURR-fect kitty says:

Is it fine if you start parkour at the age of 13…?
One of my friends asked

BleachedEmu says:

I’ve got my bed ready for the next video where I learn the safety roll lol

Skate Game Fun says:

i do pakour for 3 years now and wath you say helps me more

Thriftyspencers says:

and its hard to kick my feet up

Rajendra Prasadh SINGH says:

i am only of 11

Wanderlust says:

Who’s watching the day he hit one mil


MB parkour says:

Parkour lover pleazzzz sub me

Battle Plane 109 says:

I love being able to do parkour! Im 15 and love to be able to do some cool stunts like how you can do. I might not be the best but I sure am not the worst! I love parkour and your tips help me out a lot!

Potterhead Vids says:

I tried to do a vault, missed the rail, face planted into concrete, busted my lip, hurt
my knee, and probably fractured my thumb. All it did was make me more confident and more determined to do parkour.
Thank you.

Vxpor says:

The title should be “How to start parkour! anyone can do it”

SynOCE says:

I cant walk


Can start parkour ? I am 12 years old…

B1 Battle Droid AKA Roger Roger says:

Only thing I am good at is vault, oof.

A.A creation says:

ᴡʜᴀᴛ ɪs ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴡʜᴀᴛs ᴀᴘᴘ ɴᴜᴍʙᴇʀ?

Music Killer says:

the intro is a cringe

Owen Oosthuizen says:

Thx for tips

Erik Macip says:

me encantó!!!! gracias por compartir 🙂

Gunjit Kumar says:

Thankyou sir, I really learnt something important from this video.

Kendall Branker says:

one time i was going to jump in the pool but i flip and doing a 36 in the pool

Leonel says:

I can’t help but think you look like Aladdin with those pants.

No hate tho, they look cool

Marlene Prokop says:

Now i’m full of energy and motivation to start thankx!!!

Swagger Son says:


Aravind Ss says:

there no parkour moves in our area

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