How To Start Parkour – Assassins Creed Style

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Ronnie Shalvis (Altair) teaches 3 important things to know when learning parkour. Inlcuding answers to some of the most common questions having to do with Location, Conditioning and Mind over Matter. I will also be writing blogs on each of the tutorial videos i make for those looking to go more in depth. So check out my blog on getting started I will be creating a detailed blog post for every parkour tutorial video I make.

Filmed and edited by Tyrone Perry

Music by Stephen Anderson
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Mhamad Osman says:

I love parkour


I Love Assassins man

noaH TDD says:

I’m just a 13 yr old kid and I have a hidden blade and ninja claws

Hamzah Waheed says:

I love you Ronnie, you motivate me so much to learn parkour

Jakub Kuczynski says:

Im having trouble with doing a roll on a hard surface although I can do it on grass. Can you help?

lynne Tavera says:

I know right just where a friggin hoodie

stampylongnose 's videos says:

Don’t forget knee pads and arm pads when I started I got hurt a lot when I started to jump far I jumped the same tall as my dad I jumped and I made it!

Matthew Forde says:

What if your walking around the town, and you see a guy dressed up in a wierd costume crawling around like a monkey on the stairs

Monster Boy21 says:

where dose he live

EpicWinGaming PS4 Gaming says:

During this video, people around go, ” What the f*ck is he doing”

slapjoemama says:

exploring things with your body too much

Ryan Sweeney says:

id die

My Creed says:

I am 6,2 can I Parkour

Samboosa Playz says:

the “adapting” part seems stupid but it acually works lol

اكاديمية المغوارالمصري CommandoIbrahim Egyptian says:الكابتنابراهيمالظريف

Ananta Mandal says:

I think thats a good way to break you ass. Please let me know if any of you guys have got an ass_gaurd or something like that. I will seriously be grateful.

Witherblaster says:

Good job

Kevin Krogman says:

I’m sorry I don’t live in a city. I live on a ranch on the plains of sd!

Dreamdog1120 says:

oh heck yeah! totally going to try. I don’t care if people look at me funny. if they ask, say you’re getting in shape

stampylongnose 's videos says:

You don’t just have to do it outside explore inside to find stuff you can use inside your house.

Mr Egg says:

Where i live is near the sea so there are random rocks at the port.Everyone living here goes to do parkour at those rocks since 8 years old and when we go out with friends we do parkour on those rocks just for fun

Praveen kumar ghosh says:

please give me some more video

Rickey Robinson says:

nice Altair costume

PAD says:

I did it

Ken Kisaki says:

it’s so cool! even I’m a girl I want to learn parkour because it’s so cool!!

Harry Porter says:


The Last Jedi says:

subscibe because he has helped me face my fears and now im the one making assassins creed vids

Monster Boy21 says:

but stil when dos he s tart parkour

Miro Hallberg says:

you are the guy who was in American ninja worrior

Rons McKons says:

0:56 HE HIT THE *DAB!!!!*

Amado Aragon says:

what if you are 8

Matthew Forde says:

Good parkour, but why the wierd costume

A.B Brothers says:

Dabbed at 0:58

Wildwes Brumfiel says:

you make ausom videos I love your​ videos of the assassin’s Creed parkor

stampylongnose 's videos says:

I use my bunk bed I jump on the peices of wood and make to the top and flip over and jump to a pillow!

what the flip says:

################# Hey guys, I am starting my youtube channel and all I do the is tricking/freerunning/rooftoping. It would mean a lot if you would would subscribe to my channels. I will be uploading more and more. Thanks Alot!##################

deltaracoon 3920 says:


the cringe is real

Aczerz says:

this video is funny but i did learn from it though

Ken Kisaki says:

parkour is cool and assasin to I like them both!!!! now parkour has assassin creed version I very like it

Maurice Gilder says:

were do we go when we have no we’re to go

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