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How to prevent hand rips in your parkour training. Hand rips are one of the most common, painful, and annoying injuries in parkour training. This injury is also very common in cross fit, gymnastics, and weight lifting.

Now the hand rip is not as serious of an injury like breaking a bone or tearing a ligament but this injury is pretty painful and will set us back several days or more in our parkour training.

So it’s important we take all the steps possible to prevent these hand rips from occurring during our parkour training.

Check out these “hand rip” articles for more information on how to prevent and treat hand rips:

1. – Great Article to Prevent Hand Rips

2. – Great Article for Treating Hand Rips

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Train safe!
– Thomas

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discofreak420 says:

Very late reply here but Pumice stones are great for callouses as well. I do a lot of distance running and prefer it over anything that has to use a blade or scraping, You just rub.

Michael Sabao says:

I got so many hand rip, that today it feels like am wearing a glove under my skin… It feels weird Hey at least I don’t get hand rip any more!

Laura Smith says:

What type of glove is best for Parkour? I will hopefully start learning/training when I leave home ^^

GamingGeek57 says:

thank you this video helped alot

art boi!! says:

love your hair

Gh0stman! Minecraft & more says:

my hand is super ripped would it heal?

ACH Runaway says:

“how do we get hand rips” who would ever ask that question?

Benjamin Rodriguez says:

super helpful. Thank you.

Tyler says:

First thing I think of to prevent hand rips and stuff: gloves

xVx Naratis says:

Tapp, if you can see this comment, I want you to know that the treating hand rips article says 404 page not found, so if you can redirect us or something that would be great unless its just a problem between my connection to the page for some weird reason

art boi!! says:

love your hair

Len Vantil says:

bicycle gloves try to use this kind its pretty creepy maybe

Sillykops says:

BTW tapp, IMA girl so u sayin I’m weak or wat?(not in a mean way)

Gianni says:

I got hand ripped by trying to climb my girlfriends house idk why but it isn’t that bad but it was bleeding

Joordan says:

thats defo not coke

KingSwag 2023 says:

If you ever get a hand rip and there’s blood, put ur hand in the air, Gravity will cause the blood to go down into your arm and reduce the amount of blood you are losing.

Herosbane 45 says:

in school i always used the mulch to help my grip

Syanide 2.0 says:

(I use gloves while doing parkour, although the only gloves I have don’t cover my fingers.)

Foxy The Pirate says:

I use glowe

DinoDanny says:

can I wear biking
gloves instead

Sam Murray says:


SHaFe says:

The real way to prevent hand rips is to do parkour on your fingertips.

Most people when grabbing a wall or rail wrap their entire palm around the structure. This can cause it to rip. However if you just grab say a wall with your finger tips then you will not get hand rips. It is much harder to do because you need a lot more grip strength but it is the right way to do it. If you look at monkeys brachiating you can see that they only grab the branch with their finer tips.

Jaedon Lemon says:

Cant u just wear gloves

Ejderin Yolu says:

senin ananı

Gerardo mendoza says:

What if your hands are all ready riped?

The Pedro Guy says:

baggie of “chalk”…. gotcha 😉

Awesomekman13 says:

OMG I tried jumping over double tables without hands and I landed it, but I slipped and hit my shin and it hurt a lot and I was limping and it hasn’t gone away, four full weeks thanks for all the training videos sis I started watching you guys earlier

John Loobey says:


The Pac Channel says:

or biker gloves

John A says:

Is that actually chalk though? (Dun dun DUNNN)

Brian Sowers says:

i watched another video and it said NO gloves ever

Agent lost girl says:

+TappBrothers,something i learned here in martial arts we could use baby powder

DeadPool Junior. says:

5:57 yeah i’m sure it is….

xxblazegamersxx says:

broke my wrist can i still do parcour when its healed or is it better to wait some years

Aaron Ramos says:

I’m so glad unmade this video

David Macias says:

How about the shoes? What type of shoes do i use

Kyrpptic says:

Just wear fingerless gloves?

Ejderin Yolu says:

fack you

momo says:

Ninety firsr

Progress into Freerunning says:

Can you give me a link to where you brought your pet egg please?

Sercem Utku says:

Thanks to much! I like your channel,you are awesome and good speakers.You are using your body language correctly and understandable.I have so respect to you.
-Sercem Utku

my letsplay says:

just wear gloves

Hekla Eir says:

I was a gymnast for 5 years and am allergic to chalk. Woops

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