How To Overcome Fear Of Training In Front Of Others – Parkour Training

In this video we give you 3 tips for Overcoming the Fear of training parkour in front of other people.
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Getting embarrassed, feeling anxiety, or just being afraid to train parkour in a public setting or in front of people is a commonissue for most of us, especially when we are first getting started in our parkour training.

It’s natural that when we are new to something and just picking up the skills we are going to be less confident and when training in front of a lot of people this can compound the feeling.

With parkour being a discipline that is often trained outside in areas that have foot traffic or people around. It’s very important that if we are feeling this anxiety or fear of training in front of others that we get over this to help improve our training and to feel more confident in ourselves when we are in front of others.

So in this video I share with you 3 tips that really helped me get over this fear of training in front of others and how you can use them to quickly eliminate these fears!

As always train safe and see you in the next video!

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Training in front of others
Overcoming fear of training
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JimiMac says:

I´m 35 and just trying to start to start out! Don´t think I´m gonna be quite as flexible as used to be but all in good spirit. Really enjoying the videos and tips. I have found you guys to be soem of the best teachers I´ve found on youtube so far, Easy to follow and love that you include progression steps and warmup excersizes as well. Thanks for all the hard work

S. S. Lee says:

Excellent advice, as always.   Very few people touch on this aspect. Thumbs up to you.

Make . Lego says:

dont get offended when somebodey laughs at you when you fail

RIOT co No.15 says:

im one of the only people doing parkour in maryland. this realy helped

Parkour Kids says:

y it iz less dangerous

Golden Fantasy says:

Not fear but embarrassment..

Parkour Kids says:

i learned pakour from u

Airsoft Broski says:

I do it near residential areas I’m scared of people thinking I’m gonna run up walls to steal stuff and call the cops. Any tips

Vinh Lê PRO says:

really useful! tks man that’s what I need

chetan sengar says:

care about what people think and you will be their prisoner

Sandy Albert says:

Tap bros make videos of both of yall doin what yall learned all together and in thar video give a shout out to me

xmelz says:

I’m 9 and I’m traning

Mason Strader says:

what should I wear for parkour?

AirLTU says:

Pro tip for training in front of others. Always remember, that if you master parkour or atleast get good at it youl be able to go to places others cant exp: a wall others cant go over it but you can. Hope this helps you guys out 🙂

sunny.jumps says:

My thing is that I always feel like I have to be discreet or ill get kicked off… but I don’t mind if people see me do stuff

Epicgirl gamerXx says:

if you think people are laughing at you then there usually just gelous of you because they can’t do it.

Devcalner Gaming says:

This videos was helpful for me, thanks.

Shamar Esin says:

I’m starting to run down and up my street everyday to get more fit. tapp bros can you plz make a video on what top 10 training to do and do a shout out to me

Roman Reigns says:

how can i practice

Rohan says:

Hey +TappBrothers I am 21 now. Will I reach a pro level in time?

MissesKitty says:

what if ur a girl and ur only 14 and whenever you go to a playground to practice kids laugh at you and are doing anime naruto jokes near you

Voices In My Head says:

I live in a relatively bad neighborhood so i can’t do parlour outside

sma adeelshah says:

hey tapp brothers I wanna ask you that I can do a lot more tricks but the problem is that I cannot overcome fear I have watched the videos of overcoming fear a lot of time but I didn’t get the result please! help me . and you are my favourite parkour trainers

Kochie says:

My training grounds are at my high school, and I’m a freshman so everyone thinks I am acting like a wanna be

Clarence Blanco says:

I’m new to this y’all it looks cool tho

Devcalner says:

I experienced this just yesterday actually. It’s even worse when your vlogging lol!

Bryan Serrano says:

The music thing helped me a lot. People just let me mind my own business.

Parkour Kids says:

i started pakour i know all d vaults but i have fear on doing flips . i did front handspring.i have uploaded videos on u tube see my videos and plzz comment bro

Elie Chan says:

lol that moment when he mentions to do basic jogging and such, then there’s a guy in the background just jogging. XD

K4LI_L1NUX _PR0 says:

I love how you hate bullies. Makes me like you more.

Roman Reigns says:

I have a problem that no one I my country does parkour and there aren’t any coaches what do I do

Awake 2 Chill says:

Chuck Norris crossed with bob Ross lookin ass

Angela Dolce says:

i still have fear of doing a side flip can u help me

sunny.jumps says:

Talking about jogging and then I jogger runs behind him at 5:15

Eslam Alalamy says:

there is a super easy way to overcome the fear of training in front of people just keep saying in your mind “fuck them fuck them fuck them fuck them ” works every time

super hero start from zero says:

But how I Can train the butt scoots confidently in public 0_0??

Make . Lego says:

laugh when you fail infront of people

Germano Zaffalon says:

Great man! Very cool

sma adeelshah says:

hey iam 13 years old can I make my four or six packs?

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