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How to Wall Run in Parkour. The Horizontal Wall Run Parkour Tutorial

Today we are going to show you how to perform the horizontal wall run. This move can be used to traverse across gaps, run over a fence or object with the use of a wall, and more.

This move can be difficult to master because we need to be comfortable running close on a wall. We also have to master the technique of running with our body at an angle against the wall.

Need to learn the Tac? Watch and learn your wall tac here:

In this video we breakdown the technique and gradual progression steps to get this move down.

As always train safe and see you in the next video!

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EmoBoy says:

this is trash I got my TAC down and perfect but I can’t fucking absorb it I keep kicking away from this bullshit

Quantom tech says:

does it still work after the 32.13 patch?

UnrealCrayon says:

what if my dick gets stuck while wall running

Rodrigo Kiefe says:

edit the video. shorten it up. just show the essentials and cut the repetitive parts. thats my suggestion

TBClan Ty says:

it actually works!!! i tried in on my floor i feel like a master. Thx so much

HD Weird OFFICIAL Pojun says:

*-wears assassins uniform on school’s musti(sorry I can’t spell better)and preformed this parkour movment-*

A Kid from Africa says:

Dosent work, i didn’t got my dick stuck in the wall like other people.

Fuxi Du Pirute fex says:

man i have no wall i need trump

native hunting and fishing says:

My school bans parkour

Ceven says:

i cant do this..because SOMEONE STOLE MY EXO SUIT

moul hawk guy says:

just kiding ha ha ha ha

Curtis Foreman says:

Can you make It slow motion when you do the 2 and the 3 step wall run

Devin White says:

I’m a youtuber

lightning wolfboy says:

u should do one like when u r wall running just jump off the other side

DemonHunter419 says:

Can’t wait to try on Trump’s wall

SpikePlayZ - Gaming says:

Tried and it didn’t work, must be patched

Pliez Leik Mi commen says:

it got patched in version 666

Abdul Karim Al Refae says:

Yea omg I forgot that last month I did it and I escaped the police I can’t stop thinking about it it’s cool

One bored Meme says:

2k people that disliked are in the hospital

Pliez Leik Mi commen says:

got banned ;d

SpeedyGauge says:

cant wait to run on trumps wall!

Erik Pickett says:

trump must think this is a fucking joke I will do this on his wall and kick his fucking head off

Jason fatality104 says:

omg you just went call of duty black ops 3

Aaron M says:

When will you ever need to be able to do this? xD

moul hawk guy says:

you suck

phycadelic pikachu says:

so is this dlc or standard content

Tarplays says:

niggato came here

JarTube says:

i speak english and jappnise

AgiliTy Gaming says:

The new call of duty

Please Kill Me says:

Tapp brothers… PAPA FRANKU DASKETTE!!!!

Jullian Lilley says:

Thrust jumps over wall

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