How to Become a Pro Parkour & Freerunning Athlete

In this video I will take you through some steps you can take to become a professional parkour and freerunning athlete.

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lit man says:

Why does he not have over 1 million subs

Earth Boom says:


hanna mack says:

Ha Ha Ha good job nick

Louis Adamas says:

is this how to be a parkour noob?

MeMe LoRd says:

w o w

Brian Gillies says:

Very funny

the crystal plays says:

How to be worse

Cubinator Endo says:

Good joke but not on April 1st

Dorian Barnes.gvr says:

Oh..the the sarcasm

Peter Le says:

I love this video

bunnicula 64 says:

If this actually is true I will thank you a million times if this isn’t true I’m going to unsubscribe to your Channel right now

Enes Gültoplayan says:


Emerald Enderdragon says:

Where do you get the gloves? I want them

FunoSital says:

goodbye to all of them who are really gonna follow his tricks

CJ Plays says:

Is it bad that i do some of these things

CinciGaming says:

good thing ur a athlete and not actor

Ecerwv and Simon's channel says:

i always say PARKOUR


Thanks nick you made me worse than I was

Optimistic Piano says:

LOL “Oh hi, didn’t se you there” …

lil_ Matty says:

0:02 Oh hi didn’t see you there.

Me: I’ve been waiting here for 10 minutes

Jedileader 01 says:

I would have tried to do a front flip off of the thing that fell at 0:54.

Zhaolong Cao says:

great man… *lol if a kid believes im so done in life*

James Tran says:

Ssssssssss aahhhhh ssssss ahhh ssss ahhhh

Franzkheanneprime Alimurong says:


Legendarni Assassin's says:


Absolute Love says:


Florence Chepngetich says:

Lol I tried it and it worked,people thought I was a parkour master

Kucish Parker says:

The start of the video is cringy

Aaron Robertson says:

I luve yore vids

Kadri Leskovci says:

That you hited you leg its copy of family guy that peter hits hes leg

The Tricks emoji says:

Ur a little stiff with the cam, loosen up a little

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