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The King Kong Workout is a series of quadrupedal movements. Find an open area that has soft ground for this workout.

This workout requires no equipment it is going to be strictly bodyweight exercises taken from our parkour training with some of the Original Yamakasi members. This drill I actually picked up from Laurent Piemontesi. He is an incredible instructor and awesome guy!

With this workout you can change the distances to fit the intensity you want. Sometimes I will QM 30-40yards and sprint further as well to up the intensity or endurance.

1. We are going to start off with 20 yards of stride QM followed directly by a 20 yard sprint.

Repeat this for a total of 10 rounds.

2. Then we are going to perform backwards QM strides for 20 yards followed by a 20 yard sprint

Repeat this for a total of 10 rounds.

3. Then perform Skii QM for 20yards followed by a 20 yard sprint.

Repeat this for a total of 10 rounds.

4. Then finish off with QM Crawl for 20 yards followed by a 20 yard sprint.

Repeat for a total of 10 rounds.


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King Kong Workout
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Cha-cha Kyamba says:

Ima try this but I might die xD

Intra Limpidus says:

king kong can get you ripped because he’s a giant gorilla

RavitsART says:

I fear that doing these exerecises will make people think that i have ran away from some mental institution, but i guess thats nothing new XD

The Billa says:

Interesting workout…

sandypickle says:

Did you guys film this at Pan Pacific Park in LA?

TeddyBear says:


Anonymous Info says:

Nice vid

Heath Jordan says:

I agree

Janek Mikulski says:

In 20 yards

Juani Noriega says:

hey im a 11 year old weak girl you think i can pull 10 rounds of parkour training

ianmeadmaker says:

That was great guys! I just went outside and got the best workout I’ve had in awhile!

PepperandSalt4 says:

That was a Tempest shirt right? No “e”s in it. Hey, wait a second. Illumi Not E. Tempest is the Illuminati.

Mauve Mirror7573 says:

i can do it but my fear get in the way as I am about to do it

MThompsonvought says:

Did parkour outside for the first time ever.  I got interested in it during the winter.

Timothy Wanjohi says:

Awesome! You look really fit, am sure you have been doing this for a long time man! Wow. Inspirational! Totally inspirational.

TF150Gaming says:

Thx soo much!!!

Melinda Faye says:

Do you rest in between exercises?

or1on18 says:


Joshua Williams says:

I will try this

INFERARO 1o1 says:

Wow you guys are awesome at training for pakour and freeruning I didn’t know what parkour was …until found you now I can do a bunch of stuff

Green Leprechaun says:

Why does keep changing his clothes and hairstyle?

Erlend D. says:

OMG, after 1 month of waiting, all the snow got away, but do you know something? after 2 days, it came again.

i. says:

Nice Tempest Shirt

Ayush deshmukh says:

+TappBrothers  Hey guys… I tried the workout…. but I couldn’t finish t… I did 60% of the first 3 kinds of QM, and 100% of the last…. Im only a beginner,  and am a bit overweight… is it ok if I do this?

Renegade Force Productions says:

Is it normal for my shoulders to hurt doing this?

Brandon Bailey says:

I use to do quite a bit of parkour bit not to long ago I broke my thumb, I really want to get started again but I just can’t get motivated enough and I get to nervous when I try to do so. Anytime know a way I can get my confidence back bit also be motivated to start back up

Noah Reed says:

sounds awesome!

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