Training on the roofs of Rome.


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Anakako niDogiee says:

Nice editing,parkour skills ilove storror❤❤

Tanvir khan says:

yeah boyyyy…storror is back with another awsome video…….nice work guyzzz…

Simon0815 says:

Thats not a normal yt video anymore, thats fu***** art!!!!

Thu Pham says:

I love the music

Gohar afridi says:

How did cameraman managed this scene 4:44 ,huge respect

Please don’t make your struggle black and white

Music was so coooooool

Heidi Pratap says:

awesome stuff storror as usual! love you and your work guys please keep it up! love from india

Zeru says:

This vid is on another level.

kempton kinggi says:

yes boys that was old school, two thumbs up

Ай Болит says:

perfect stuff

Haji Mohammad says:

Come to pakistan

S4mis says:

I wish it was longer dude

Yash Rajpurohit says:

Your Parkour is the world’s best parkour. I am watching you from a long time. Love from India

Clasher Pekka says:

its funny when the fat lady starts talking and the way u edited it was just LOL and awesome and more awesome and more awesome and more awesome and more awesome .

Mushroom Head says:

I thought I was losing it when It was black and white, you guys are so lucky getting good spots I’m stuck next to a shit park

Hamzah Mulla says:

What music was used in the middle section of the video?

Lu kas says:

Great edit!

みねず says:


amit kumar says:

Buddies ,thats classy.B/W reminds of eastman color.

Juzzy Fu says:

felt like yesterday when you reached 2 million

KierDarkOne says:

Storror rules!!! best channel on youtube,always making monday’s more tolerable!!! big ups

fuck negativity says:

Whew chile the ghetto

Jenzen Tong says:

Nice #StorrorArmy from malaysia

박현서 says:

존나 멋잇네

Fritz Kruger says:


PsychoNove says:

Oh my days

puke gaming says:

I love parkour

Ranner Gouvêa says:

Quero ver fazer aqui no Brasil no RJ na primeira telha que pisar afunda kk

Thomas Photography says:

Love your channel

Jack Müller says:

is there a behind the scenes version of this?

luke lamont says:

The edit on this video was so sick, and such good creative lines. Storror boys at it again. #storrorarmy

illaty maz says:


Johannes Lilover says:

Such a good vibe and edit

Alfred Rowe says:

Now I think I’m colorblind

ali siraj says:

hello: you guyz Are the besttttttt!!

michael mcdonald says:

how long would it take to learn this roughly 5:06

Franciscolas Filipe says:

Guys can you stop for a moment being the best i want to reach your level but its dificult if ypu dont stop

Ай Болит says:


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