Getting Started In Parkour-Top 6 Exercises For Beginner Parkour Training

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In this video we show you are top exercises that we recommend for you to train if you are a beginner and just getting started in parkour.

We call these exercises our solid 6 for parkour. These are workouts we used to build a solid base of coordination, strength, and mobility. We’ve picked up these exercises over the 10+ years of training.

Some of these exercises learned from others, like the butt scoot from Chau Belle, Laurent Piemontesi, and Yann Hnautra. The 3rd World squat from Ryan Ford with Apex Movement.

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And others we picked up through our own training and what has helped our students.

By training these exercises consistently, you are going to see a dramatic increase in your functional strength, you will become more coordinated in the movements crucial for parkour, and you will gain more mobility and flexibility.

This will help give you the solid base of fitness for parkour. You will be able to pick up the parkour moves much easier. Learning more advanced parkour skills will click much faster. You will be able to last longer in parkour and reduce a lot of injuries.

As always train safe and see you in the next video!

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Top 6 Exercises For Beginners In Parkour
How To Parkour
Parkour Training


Lara Fruehwald says:

What should I do if I can’t even do squating? I just fall over (backwards). I think either I can’t bend my knees that far forward or my hamstrings aren’t long enough….well, actually I have no idaa, what’s the problem. I just can’t do it anymore – although I can say it works, if do the position tiptoed. Like squating looks like in western counrtries, when you fetch something.. 🙁 Since I started to work, my body kind of falls apart. Deskjob… I just realized it too late.

Anthony Kotronis says:


Owen Sartwell(Student) says:

I’m new and it just is a tad hard

Chris Teja says:

exercises to reduce belly fat…

Matthew Miles says:

That isn’t a third world squat it’s a proper squat.

The pro gamer Youssef says:

Thanks I couldn’t do any thing in parkour now I can do a lot of things even jump from very high objects

Queen Old says:


Micha-eel Williams says:

I wanted to ask if there’s any parkour gyms close to Claremont

- says:

I love your videos, but every time you say “like so” instead of “like this”, my stomach ties itself into a knot and the hair on my neck falls out beings standing up isn’t enough, the hair actually commits suicide.

kihlaj says:

6:36 kardes thrid world squat demissin ama bu bildigin sincanli oturusu

dark wolf says:

one ? if im 180 what do i need to do or i can still do it?

poudcasdte dz says:

So… Fun story. I’ve been watching these videos for two week or so and doing the exercises and stuff, so not very long at all. I’m not the most athletic or fit so I thought this would be a fun way to get in shape and learn a thing or two. Well, today my mom accidentally forgot the keys to the house, so we’re all locked out. None of the doors or windows downstairs are open. I leave the windows to my room unlocked, by I’m on the second floor, so I thought “Hey, I’ve been doing that parkour exercise thing, why not try it out?”
Long story short, I was able to get up on the roof without much of a problem thanks to the moves I learned from these videos and let everyone inside x3
Moral of the story: Parkour does have some extremely practical uses.

Etta Wing says:

I’d rather prefer ground kongs than duck walks.

Tiffany Thrower says:

I wanna thank you TappBrothers so much. You guys have helped me to loose weight and feel good about my self again. I never wanted and still don’t want to get into parkour but the exercise moves that your videos provide has helped me to lose weight. I lost 60lbs, so now I a good 165. I was losing faith that I would get healthy again. But I came across your videos and I like I said I have lost the weight. Please keep up the good work.

Kanzan1345 says:

How often do I have to do this exercises?

Poulomi Saha says:

where do you guys live????????? are there enough parkour grounds or can we do it publically?

reg profant says:

thank you so much for the information. what I am wondering is how far am I going to be able to go with this neighborhood 71vyears old.

Josip Krešo says:

ty TappBros im watching your vidios 3 days and i can do wall run what i saw impossible that 3 days ago

Reslin Productions says:

So I have a request. I am a framer, meaning I climb on top of really tall walls all the time. But my problem is I have bad balance and a fear of heights. Is there a suggestion you can offer to help me overcome this?

Hadia Hannah vlogs says:

i need this cuz im girl and i play parkour

Tiera C says:

Bear crawls, basically what we had to for conditioning

Nathan Ogletree says:

I love the workout state my brother loves your view thanks for the help tappbrothers 🙂

Krazy DU'SACHTACH or insanity says:

nice video

reg profant says:

I really want to thank you guys. I had a stroke about 5years back and was told I would have to learn to live with it. I have always been heavily into exercise and still am. However, what you have given me is almost total recovery, I do QiGong and etc, I can not tell you how much I appreciate what you are doing. I know it may not be what you had in mind but God Bless you guys.

yuvi deval says:

thanks a lot I by mistakely fell from a 11 feet height (I was sitting on a ledge ) i did a roll in previous video a saved my life I just got hurt in my shoulder just a scratch thanks a lot

Diana Trifu says:

The thumbnail got me because I thought it’s about wall twerking

Shamela Yango says:

panget ka

Luna Moerloos says:

I’m not that tall (1.62 cm) but my legs are hella long and it makes kong vault super hard.. oh also I’m the complete opposite of flexible.. (sorry if my english isn’t that good)

mauro henrique says:

6:28 thats impossible

Buzzkill 78 says:

So I’m kind of bullied by this group of guys, and I was just watching parkour videos and realized I really want to learn how to do it, but I’m really shy and am afraid of being made fun of if I fail. I started watching these Tapp guys but the most I’ve been able to do is practice around the stairs at school, because my house isn’t big enough and it’s pure ice outside right now. What should I do?

NightcoreVampire says:

Thanks that was helpful 🙂

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