Gadgets I Use For Parkour Training (Is This A Tutorial?)

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Tempest Freerunning Black N Wilds:

Tempest Freerunning NLS- :

Asic Tiger Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81s:

Yurbuds Earbuds:

Bragi The Headphone:

My Website:

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Joseph Kusabs says:

Great heads up on some gadgets and hacks for parkour XD!

Tony Walker says:

I am so glad I found your channel I always worry about my Phone falling out of my Pocket I will try the hanger clamp during my next training sesh Thanks again

Blake Abernathy says:

Now that I think of it, the only thing I use when doing parkour is clothes so I don’t get arrested

RAY RAY says:

the items I use in ma pk bag are:

spare shoes.
spare women socks ( dont judge they are comfy as f)
spare tops
and gum 🙂

Alejandro Roca says:

by the shoes “Asic shawrunners”

Fernan Garcia says:

Speaking of competition are you going to the WFPF comp in Las Vegas this year

Clem 563. says:

Take monster and snickers bro!!!

Immortal Freerunning says:

For the lips falling off on the shoes, I haven’t tried this yet (Because I wear tigers) but you could possibly put a stitch in the lip to keep it from falling off!

the Parkourist says:

what sight do you use for thumb nails ???

Theodor Radu says:

I love you and your videos but the only thing you realy need for pk and freernunning is parkour shoes :))wtf you basicaly said what everyone knows

randomness channel says:

he looks like guava juice but with a lo cut

Shmootzi says:

Happy 3000

ZachFreerun says:

Never forget the Cheetos haha.

Ned C-O says:

Onitsuka tiger are the shoes I use! I love them! 🙂

The gridMC says:

You are soooo good!!!

Mihnea Dragan says:

Do you recommend the tempest shoes or the other asic shoes?

Katherine Major says:

ya like my chettos Ahh like my talkis ahh

Neon Exertion says:

When are you gonna upload more qe’s

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