Fitness & Parkour Training (Raw Footage)

I took a weekend trip to Haydens gym in Augusta, Georgia to visit my friend JB Ninjaboy and we both trained parkour and Freerunning skills together. JB also taught me much about fitness trails and we become the same person by the end of this film. Also Alfred Scott somehow is in this.


Travis Johnson says:

where the tricks after the double side in the park Webster fulls if not what’s the name of it?

AZ sniper clips says:

im guessing yoir a man of God

The2012freerunning says:

The amount of times the camera man says yo in this video is fucking annoying especially at 12 mins

dulli 5 says:

Dieses jo nervt extrem

Teddy Gonyea says:

Bob you should have made a “yoooo” counter;)

Ignitable Virus says:

the guy at the beginning is a legend want to be his friend

Armoule says:

15:06 This guy is a killer xD

Originalskills says:


Mrs. Cris says:

Yeah, I see all your videos, I also practice parkour and you are like model to follow, you are amazing!!!

Progress into Freerunning says:

do you want me to suggest tags for this video? btw congratulations for ranking on the first page of the ‘parkour’ search term! If you want me to explain why you did just let me know 🙂

Team VeKa says:

hahah ending was the best part lolol

Bananawar says:

please tell what the song at 6:41 i’ve been searching this one for years and also doubdet it exists

Noah D says:

guy in the background got some moves (4:00 to 4:16)

Springfield Squidz says:

New game, take a shot every time the camera man says “YOOOOOO” lmao

Stephen Cure says:

Half in half on the bar and 11:00 “yoooo” is my favorite thing

AZ sniper clips says:


kr- slayher says:

like!!!!!! i love it

CScuber says:

these raw videos are so awesome to watch. I really like them don’t stop making them. No matter what I watch them they are entertaining.

Oliver Pritchard says:

Could you make a cart full tutorial

Shadow Houndz Nation says:

Yeah go JB keepin it real!!!

Hektor Athan says:

whats the song at 2:07

Team VeKa says:


Cavemen EvolutionBlog says:

can you do a sideflip tutorial

Kevin Kusterer says:

who wants to check my new raw footage videos?

Antony Christofis says:

is the move at 13:58 just a flashier version of a pop wall spin?(without the full)

Lucas Hjortborg says:

You dont useually train in that gym

Istre side Freerunning says:

Man bob is the man!! Idc who says he isn’t he is a beast!!

Trasco says:

Gr8 vid

AMA-DU-A-FLIP 1 says:

Awesome video

Game Freeruns says:

Bob Reese’s videos makes me happy:)

dher39 says:


Dylan Watersnake says:

I LOVE JB NINJA BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best Bob Reese raw footage video so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lucas Hjortborg says:

Is that a new gym

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