First 5 Beginner Parkour Moves – How To Get Started In Parkour – Ask The Tapps

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First 5 Beginner Parkour Moves – How To Get Started In Parkour – Ask The Tapps

In this video we answer the question, What Parkour Moves Should I Learn First?

These are the first 5 beginner Parkour Moves we recommend you should learn at the beginning of your training.

Now if you are in the position where you need to cut some weiht or build a base of athleticism, these movements maybe too advanced at this time. This is ok, you just need to develop this athletic foundation first before training these more advanced calisthenic exercises.

Train safe,

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MJ Brothers says:

you’re a gay irish piece of red hair crap!

BrownGuy says:

ultimate escape from the cops when your black tutorial

Marie Harper says:

I done a 360 over a fence shhhhh.. I’m 8 and a boy


Lol I Only Know How To Jump Landing

presten presten on xbox one s says:

I’m a Ginger

Zach Allender says:

hey i know im late but just starting parkour and did subscribe love you guys keep up the good work

adragonro says:

859 just ran into a wall, after watching this

Joris Sabaliauskas says:

He wrote what movies should i learn. Not moves. Lol

shinji ciar says:

hello tapp brothers how can i do the universal flip
plss help me

Vanja Mirnic says:

you are soy cool

5 super kids says:

ty. i can do those tricks make more vid to learn

Anand sree asokan says:

I am just 14 can I do parkour

ProfiYntroz says:

Thank you <4

Random Stuff says:

can I plz hit 50 subs

ReckLess Diiaab says:

good morning^^
I wanna training program parkour for begining like me
I wanna list

Chung David says:

drop a nail where there are leaves and these guys can seriously injure themselves when rolling

Gamesysr says:

teach us how to do it please

Dancing Moment says:

how to start parkour at home without having trainee or going to parkour school

moon Fisher says:

thanksa lot for teching me parkour

Anonymous says:

tried jump roll, kneed myself in the chin

Kyla Badillo says:

how can i do frontflip easy 9 years old stefan

Wolfexx N says:


nike Her says:

Great tips

First Achiever says:

tapbrothers u helped me a lot I started like 5 months ago and I can do stuff u can do now really appreciate it 🙂

MatteoDeRidder says:

Im Too A ginger

skidrowsux1977 says:

if youre in a chase or you have to evade someone…? haha. what? so dorky

Peter B says:

My sister and I did that and she got really hurt

Mason.Swag says:


Juan Lopez says:

I’m already ninja lvl 50 maxed out stamina

Mason.Swag says:


PAPA says:

80% have came from assassin creed

Zach Sapp says:

Yea that’s cool an all but like I came here to learn how to do these not just watch you do them

Ghostwarrior23x says:

“That’s a 27 dollar course we give you for free.”

KasianaX says:

Love you 😀

Văn Tuyết Nguyễn says:

i do and i succed all of your move

CamaroGirl666 says:

So I think it’s obvious this isn’t for people with knee arthritis =(

Remotex 0 says:

Hey tapp brothers it am pretty good at parkour just how do I be more awesome looking and pleasing?

Connor Butterworth says:

How did he put his T-Shirt on and take it of so fast?

DeltaNoah says:

TFW you went through the 5 Day training, bought the crash course and everything. But it’s Montreal, and it’s winter. No? Just Me?

Theboygamer190 And IoIdude5472 says:

Thanks man

Michael Maurer says:

Have you ever dot the cops called on you for doing that I learned to do just parcour out there

Dragon Man says:

shows the basic moves but doesn’t show how to do them

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