Father and Son Parkour Training


After both me and my dad having recovered from some injuries we decide to go do some parkour training together. r street stunts

Origin by Nolan Van Lith

Alone by Nolan Van Lith
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Elijah McLain says:

Your a boss Ronnie Shalvis

Areej says:

Your father is awesome, I fell in love with parkour when I saw a punch of guys doing it in a park and I asked them what it was and they told me about it, and now I’ve been training for 4 years it’s pretty cool and calming. I thought at first it’ll be impossible for me cuz I’m a lazy kinda guy but it’s pretty easy and it’s better than sitting watching Tv all day.

A Person says:

Your dad isnt bad at all for his age!

seestarsailer says:

awesome dad ! 🙂

Spider hero says:


Matej Antoch says:

you father is amazing

Nehan Khan says:

Lucky your father trains with you my father can’t even walk

Thadd Seffernick says:

wow my dad i 45 and he can’t move like dat

iDonartProductions says:

Father and son! Just like Happy wheels pewdiepie XD

Ian Ariyoshi says:

When your old man shows you up lol

thegoldenfret123456 says:

It was still amazing though

JDR 235 says:

This is soo cool I wish my father would train with me 🙁

JayWePe says:

your dad does better than me after 3 year break! (kids dont sit at your computers, go out and do this stuff or what ever instead before you can’t even run 100 meters)

HazzarD1234 says:

it’s funny how there out the front of the hospital nice parkour tho


that’s good for a father

D*Brand Music says:

Can you make a vid on how to do the move where u do like a beckhandstand over the rail the one where you stuffed up plz

arnav magesh says:

that is one awesome father u’v got there 

my dad hates parkour though i  precision jump on to the table every time for dinner

stevie t says:

Hey Ronnie can you do a railflip valt

Kai Music says:

Your dad is amazing.

Jenny Lee says:


Eiahfou says:


Jaelon Paewai says:

how did you get your father to train with you? ive been trying so hard but does not work. please help if you can:>

Kase Kolberg says:

Nice muscle up

Johnathan K. says:

your dad is a boss

NoMenHere says:

I was telling my dad that that is going to be me and him in 7 years XD

thegoldenfret123456 says:

TECHNICALLY that was free running. If you set up an obstacle course or found a route and ran it, then it’d be parkour.

Gaher says:

what trick was on 1:31

Sylvain Choquette says:

Its Nice and i love it..

ChemicallyEnabledMan says:

Your old man is hardcore!

Pizza Parker says:

That is one cool dad!

DusanZ says:

how cool is that

Yeo Zhiyuan says:

your father is awsome 

Johannes Lilover says:

WOW! That was cool!! 😀

Artsy Cosplay says:

Your dad is so cool

Dron Huggins says:

Did he get u turned onto parkour

Bernard Millet says:

Tons of respect..and training ;p

PossessWithin says:

that was really awesome! great job!

inferno_champion says:


Familia Albu says:


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