Epic Tag Tournament at Parkour Visions Gym

We tried out a new Lava Tag format for this February event. The chaser chose their position first and then the evader got to choose theirs. Both players had two lava boots that they could activate by shouting “BOOTS!” and tags had to be on the back or butt. After four rounds of prelims, Ezra, Rami, and Izaak were undefeated and faced off in the finals. Ezra defeated both Rami and Izaak to win the tournament.



fun game ^_^ 

Frankster14937 says:

what type of gym is this?

Leon Kastrati says:


Silentry1 says:

This looks fun

Werty Line says:

 Where is this place?

Alex Sainsbury says:

Parkour Tag mixed with Basketball mixed with Steroids. I’d like to see that!!

Michael Humphrey says:

They should use the belts for flag football !!!

AnimeRoblox255 says:

So it’s Floor is Lava + Parkour Tag?

Cuz they ain’t touching the floor.

killer boy says:

the two kids ate the end hugged each other witch is cool

Angela Lyden says:

Liar you look like grim from the tv show billy and mandy

rrowhe4d says:

I’d be the fat kid who never tags anyone and is “it” forever… Feels bad, man.

Elizabeth Norton says:

They do not

Mikey Merritt says:

And……. upload more vids of this soon please. Maybe you guys could vary up the setup of the course or get different competitors to make it different or something if it isn’t exciting for you anymore.

De Wae says:

I wish I had friends to do this

beforebirthday cheyenne says:

That looks like a lot of fun 😀 I can’t wait to move out of this small town to go to the city

Jojo C says:

i would love to do that but i dont have a gym to do that at 🙁

Little Bill says:

Mf overdue/exaggerate the jumping

Oturanjp12 says:

ninjas playing tag.  ftw.

Marcus Mead PK says:

They should have more competitions like this! we have speed runs and freestyles but i think this would be a really cool genre of competition! plus its really cool to watch 😉 Not gonna lie i think if this was at the olympics or something similar it would clean up!  

Mikey Merritt says:

I want there to be more of this! Get this in South Florida!!!

Jason Vang says:

i agree i also would like to join 😀

Octamed says:

I would totally watch that if it was at the Olympics.

Lucieniibi says:


Logan Blackwell says:

In seattle, look it up, it’s freaking awesome!

Lego & Entertainment says:

The real question is: can I join?

Hobo G says:

1:48 nice kungfupanda music

Thomas T says:

WHERE IS THIS PLACE? take my money, i want in

The Archer says:

Best vid I’ve seen for parkour that’s not clickbait

Jake Butler says:

We’re you watching the lorax I can hear the sound track

Daniel Javier says:

the best way to lose fat

chelsie caron says:

where is this gym

ThePimpim25 says:

a whole nother level of dont touch the floor because its lava XD

manuel neymar junior says:

where is your gym located?

MasterLieutenantCeo says:

thats so awesome

Dylan Probizanski says:

Ahhh, pkv without the airtrick, such different

ace espiritu says:

They call me yellow lightning.

Repollo says:

The Kung fu panda music during the final was Pretty fitting.

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