Dragon Ball Super Goku Training In Real Life (DBS Parkour)

Dragon Ball Super Goku Training In Real Life | Nick Pro

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Vader42 42 says:

Why did you change your hair color I liked it blue

Felipe Costa Game 4 says:

Quem é brasileiro

Bernice Calmes says:

bring back jesse baron

RazorBlade1447 says:

Your almost at a million subs!!!! Crazy

fabinho radikal says:

Nada ver nqk es muy ibej

MashalPlays MashalPlays says:

can any one give me any tips for backflips cause i have done them for over 2 years and still can’t land on ground thanks!

Bololo Cruz says:

Hey Nike pro you could go to skyzone

seeker the apple says:


Carolcity Pet Studio says:


Cold Frostbite says:

Hi bitch

Rufus Parkour says:

Nick do you think jesters content is good?! Lol i dont

Kyaskie Crafties says:


Nick Pro says:

Goku wants you to SMASH that LIKE button!

Celina Keith says:

Hey do the new Venom movie just came out on DVD like 6 days ago so you should probably do that next and if I’m wrong then you have to do all the stunts from random Family Guy episodes

Snowy says:

I just realized he is wearing goku underwear

Tim -Emil Kvisvik Godtland says:

Almost.every time you do a flip you smack your hands in your legs.

Gold Kick says:

I love dragon ball z and super

Josue Y Jere Paez Castillo says:

hello nick pro the love

Random says:

I subed,turned on notifications and like

phill asante says:


ElijahIsKing says:

U should be a movie star

1,000,000 subscribers without no videos or not says:

This training seems more like something original dragon ball Goku would do not super

badfish818 says:


lalit sonawane says:

Nick pro bro you are amazing jimnaster you are amazing

Ayush Shinde says:

You look nice in blue hair

cheryll layo says:

Hey Nick can you do a Naruto kind of stunts I’m just saying…

Gabriel González Romero says:

Dude do some flips from the 1rst deadpool movie.

Matheus Da Silva says:

Quem e brasileiro

Aii Sahar says:

Can you do 4 backflips all together

Oof - Shadow says:

“No hands” Why are they still attached then?

phill asante says:

the hate you you give

Bé Lâu TV says:

Registering your channel to cross channel hybrid

moha med says:

To cool

Ivan Gonzolez says:

Next video is gonna be about FORTNITE EMOTES

Kai says:

Good know I already did

TheBirdmanPK says:

Hey man how much did that vest weigh and where did you get it? I want one that actually stays on and is comfortable lol


Cool tricks

phill asante says:


piercyn fields says:

do wwe

cheryll layo says:

also your a great, I love your stunts

XxVenom PlaysxX says:

I think you will get ultra instinct

Lelo Floflo 2 says:

I turned the notations on

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