Really went off with the strides and precisions yesterday. This is basically a showreel of the best stuff I did during that session. Next video should be on the Hero 5 so look forward to some 4k (maybe)


Matthew Chow says:

Nice flow and transitioning, I like how your movement syncs with the music

Trampbro Ryan says:

This is entertaining you earned 1 sub from me

Dorlley Rico says:

i can pomkour

h says:

where are you from?

parcour bro's says:

song Name T-mass x wolfe-still say please

Alexander Hold says:

song name?

Vantix | Parkour says:

:O Nice Video!! 😀

Gaming Ghost says:

Whats this song and love parkour

Gustaplays ! says:

i can walkkour

Lautaro Gastesi says:


Rapraba says:

How many years till you get that good?

Wayne Konig says:

Parkour vs Homework Parkour POV l Jona TV

Hunterqe says:

How long did it take you to learn flips?

Jonah Dreyfus says:

Great vid man! would be a honor if u checked out my first vid and gave me any tips on what I could do better I’m new to editing and stuff so ya keep it up im allready subscribed!

SkillfulCurve says:

crazy? hahaha

Frost Freerunning says:

nice man i do the same shit on my channel minus crazy good locations

OrbitalParkour says:

You deserve wayyy more subs !

MrRiftor says:

hey man, i live in Brampton, around Mayfield and Hurontario. maybe we could train together sometime

Panzoid gaming says:

cool vid

Gustaplays ! says:

what song?

Stefanos Kampanis says:

sick video dude!!!

Roman Noori says:

Nicely done!!!

Panzoid gaming says:

when are you uploading a video

Tofu Freerunner says:

Noice m8

renoks says:

trop cool moi aussi je fais du parckour

Solitude says:

1:15 has gassin his shit

Imaproshaman says:

Perfect. Song?

It sounds familiar…Why do people not credit the song some times. 8/


with what kind of gopro did you filmed this?

George g says:

u deserve mr subs

NinjaRick says:

What is the music?

Gustavo Mizuki says:

my cell 0:10

Ian Taylor says:

really nice anf cool video. i like it

MrRiftor says:

hey man I was wondering if you wanted to ever climb the cellular tower In the heart lake Plaza. I’ve been up there already but I want to make a video out of it. but it would better with a partner, message me back thanks

Mohammed Mourtada says:

this one was reeeally good 🙂

Thepov parkour says:

nice video finally i love your videos never unsub

Jack Attack says:

awesome vid! I subscribed

nicolas 7 gamer says:

what is music

Jacksonville says:

Continue not receive

Sean Murphy says:

some good stuff here man, where is that? it looks like a good training ground

Orion Trickshots says:

How do you stick the landings on railings???!? That seems impossible to me just wondering 🙂

Caleb Murrell says:

question what state do you live in

Morgan Crouchman says:

Sick video man!

The Wise Owl says:

Great video!

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