CBR’s Parkour Gym Training

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Out training with the CBR Stunt team and others at their parkour gym.

The name of the gym is High Altitude Tumbling and Gymnastics.

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Alone by Nolan Van Lith

Outro: Shadow Of The Mind (outro) by Per Kiilstofte (Machinimasound.com)
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Jack Jones says:

Wow they make it look easy. I really want to take parkour lessons

jdkavo14 gaming says:

were abouts is this

Diego pierce says:

whare is that

Brick// Stop says:

People looks like bullys on that parkour place thats why i dont wanna start

Maigen's Normal life says:

I use to go to that gym

Tio Chamado Asrel says:

Isso Não É Parkour É Free Running!

hexxit explores says:

+ronniestreetstunts coul u do videos like 2 times a week

BullersGamerPro says:

It is parkour

hard core creper gaming says:

Haahah ajoking

TheBestTrickster says:

Check my channel StuntsAmazingTV

ItzYaBoiSyth b says:

like w ho ever is watching on 2016…


P/z any body can give me parkour training Institute address in kolkata…

erik van der Meulen says:


TheCousinsDK says:

Awesome! I just had a train today! It was awesome! I love Parkour/Freerunning. =D √

Alpha Freerunner says:

that music was a bit depressing

Hamnuna Kohler says:


Mohammad Alnabulsi says:

Yes it is

Stjepan Jakšić says:


ah meng Jhe says:

it is f..k

Alex B says:

This is gymnastics

SkyFlame says:

What does CBR stand for?

Everardo Gutierrez says:

i want to learn parkour but im scared but i want to do it

Ryan Pfleger says:

99.9% freerunning, 0.1% parkour. Although it may be a parkour gym, I just don’t like seeing people call flipping and twirling parkour. When I grew up, parkour was only about getting from point a to point b in the most efficient way possible, and that was what I came to do every time. But now, people think parkour is just for show, not a means of transportation. It saddens me to know that people never even herd the word “freerunning” and how much the internet is milking the word parkour.

hard core creper gaming says:

I love parkour but I have no legs

Hugo Lingvall says:

you 99% parkour                                                                    .
me 100% parkuor

Parkour Beast says:

Is there a gym in Spain for parkour?

Jet Parkour says:

omg 1:15 whats in the bottom right corner!?!?

Allison Johnson says:

Check out “esbregmuzz productions” he makes great parkour training videos.

Nacho Ninja says:

i live in Ireland and theres no parkour gyms here

ParkourHistory372 Sam says:

I’ve been practicing the parkour move speed vault and I think I’ve got the hang of it

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