Build Upperbody Strength For Parkour – Do this Workout

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Build Upperbody Strength For Parkour – Do this Workout

Developing upper body strength in parkour is key for performing moves like the muscle up, wall run, top out, or climb up in parkour.

If you do not develop this strength we will not be able to escape or chase efficiently.

In this video we share a simple workout to develop the upper body strength to master climb ups, top outs, muscle ups and wall runs in parkour.

Now keep in mind that this level of upper body strength will take time to develop. So so not get discouraged if you are not able to fly up walls after a couple days of training ha.

Start implementing this workout into your training regiment and develop this strength.

As always train safe and see you in the next video!

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мεgαмαη тнε вlυε вσмвεя says:

Ive been learning parkour and you have been helping me with all of your tutorials
Thank you dude

MarKetPlier says:

What if my pants fall down

Lalu Yadav says:

My body is too heavy around 80kgs with 5.10 height do i need to loose my weight for pakour strength

Carlos Aguilar says:

1 . Dont be fat
2 . Make sure you can do some pull up
3 . Have no fear
4 . Practice
5 . Never give up

Caio da Goiaba says:

I’m brazilian but, I understand the exercises, excelent video, and… like!

David Houston says:

How do I do it if I’m 11 and weak

Tigy4Lyfe Idk says:

I have very good upper body strength but I did this one but it was to Easy any harder ones

OB FighterCS says:

is wall climbing for 3 years and 5 years karate and 1.5 football and 1.5 swiming?
plz answer i want to know

Technical life says:

awesome man

Ahmad Zakir says:

push up?can do
pull up?fck

Seeper says:

Hey uhh my 15 reps are just warm ups so without weights how much reps should I do or do I just do it all to failure

Himanshu Rohilla says:

hey Tapp Brothers you have told many exercises. I am not able to practice all in one day . can you please suggest which exercise to practice when

Chung David says:

Im 220lb, got some work till I can start to pull up or press up.

Parkour and freeruning says:

I uesed to be fat and now I am fit because of these videos

Death Holligan says:

Thanks Sir 🙂 i need to learn more
Teach us more Sensie

Muhammed Isman says:

hi bro, i have a question, why almost free runner and dancer (break dance) have a small muscle but they can do hand stand push up or air flare but some People with bulking muscle not? and which do you want to be, a bulking muscle or a dry muscle, sorry for my english

FinPastaBowl says:

how tall are u?!

CaptainJozinho HR says:

Duh i will be happy if i can do 7 push up-s.
Wall dip could be hard but pull ups DONT TELL ME ABOUT THAT

Buzzkill 78 says:

Can girls do parkour too?

Sammie SabbyTTYL says:

the thing i like about wall dips is that you can do it on you kitchen counter if its tall enough

Pizzamb Pizza says:

It’s better to do it every day


I really want to be like you. I Can do the kong vault the roll and climb up a wall. but I can’t do anything else yet so hopefully you teach me

KRONOS says:

im from europe and i learned to do the push ups so that my elbows go sideways when i sink my body and i have been trying to tuck them in but cannot manage!
How do i relearn the techique of the pushup

Grivo Hamise says:

this is what im looking for xD

ccentral says:

u look like benji

Geo Gaming says:

I really enjoyed doing parkour until about a year ago when I fell and broke my back

Cliff Beach says:

what if we can’t do pull ups?

Sir Rocket league says:

You are sick at parkour

Backflip cat Rhys says:

I’m a 11 I can do parkour and a backflip

54 Tunny says:

first go to gym and train some upperbody’s muscle and after 5 or 6 month later then you can train like him said in the video :v

Mars Warrior says:

do you have any recommended shoulder workouts?

William Chit says:

i try to do at least 50 push up,and situps but the next day i got really sore

FreddytheGamer says:

awesome dude

Mohd Zainuddin says:

its really helping me out,my wall run now even faster than usual

JakeasherGaming says:

tip 1 be a fucking lightweight , tip 2 don’t build muscle because they have weight

Rosie Perkins says:

How do you find a good place to do parkour

enderstar 0507 says:

If you are strong, use backpacks to add weight. Lmao

JMTV says:

I can’t even do one pull up

The Traveling Pastry Hunter says:

I’ve always been told by trainers to practice movements as slowly as possible to make sure you’re not relying on momentum at all. I understand that you also need to practice explosive motion bc it’s what would actually happen during parkour, but would you recommend practicing both slow and explosive versions of these movements?

Elijah Robinson says:

So im trying to kinda morph multiple workouts throughout the week but i cant seem to schedule it. Tapp Brothers said to rest 24 hours in between each work so 3x a week but im doing 3 different workout sessions. so im doing the one in the free 5 day parkour course, im doing the 6 beginner exercise ones, and im doing these. i decided to put this one and the 6 beginner one together on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays. And the free 5 day parkour course one on tuesdays and thursdays. is this too much? or is there better scheduling i can do? cause they do say to rest between workouts. Please help! 😀

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