Basic Roll Tutorial pt. 1 – Training For Parkour
The parkour roll is one of the most fundamental and necessary movements in parkour. This skill will take time to practice and perfect so expect to devote time to training it. If you have any questions or concerns, visit the website above to contact me and ask me personally.

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Edited: Chris Lloyd |
Filmed: Tyler Johnson |
Written: Ben Krueger |

Warning: Parkour, just like any other athletic discipline is an inherently dangerous activity if not performed correctly and practiced carefully. Training For Parkour urges you to take caution while training and not to attempt anything you are uncomfortable with. Have fun and safe training!

Music Credit: “Morning City Ambience” by N-Form ( released under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (

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DreadWolff Productions says:

I keep trying to roll, but end up sideways on my back. Any advice to keep it stable? Absolute beginner BTW.

pine needles says:

Ben KRUGER!!! Lol!!! Mirror’s Edge ultimate irony.

Funny And Awesomeness says:

Im 13 and can i start doing parkour at this age?

Ahmed Marwan says:

ur dad

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L2MOH says:

So a question i always hear u need to go to the opposite hip but when i do it it wont im landing on the side of myshoulder

Riya Acharaya says:

do you shoe plz the back rolling…..

Vecret Simbulan says:

I cant find any grass in our neighborhood do i have no choice but to practice on cement

Kanzan1345 says:

When every time i tried to roll, I always end up doing a side roll. Anybody can tell me why?

Hunters World says:

Won’t we break our elbows if we have that slight bit of contact?

AuraNyaa says:

guys im not landing straight what am i doing wrong?

Piece of Art says:

Thank you video makers!! I learned parkour roll/basic roll. This is the best “How to learn roll” video.

Beyza Yüncüoğlu says:

Thanks you are the only one who could teach me that! lol

Irish Perez says:

am I suppose to use my right knee when rolling? im a righty. someone please help, thanks in advance 🙂

Zaid Devil says:

It’s very effective I watched a lot of videos but this was awesome

sogdd Gaming says:

You are the best thank you without you i wouldn’t be able to do a skill roll

ItzMrOcelot says:

im 11 and I train for parkour

BlackWolfAmv says:

who is watching in 2017?

Dereinzigwahreful says:

Hahahhahahahahahahahaha wie kann man nur so Gottverdammt Häßlich sein hab mich erstmal totgelacht

Stretruning Swe says:


Aosmik Wave says:

i always send up on my butt not on my legs

ItzMrOcelot says:

some reason sometimes when I do this the side of my back hurts someone tell me why?

Skate Master says:

I started at 8 I’m 9 now I am a pro

Lj Buri says:

When im trying to roll i get dizzy can someone help me

Ryan Gagnon says:

Thanks this was definitely the best tutorial I could find. You didn’t go through the steps to fast like other channels videos and you broke it down and explained it well. Liked and subscribed.

Natasa Bojovic says:

u don’t help me

James Clark says:

I’m 15 and a complete beginner when I roll my back and shoulder turns red and hurts is that supposed to happen on your first time

Meat Popcycle says:

thanks i needed that help

pietroc73 says:

Thumbs up!

Lexi says:

Does your head ever touch the ground when you are rolling starting on your knees? I feel like I’m doing it wrong but I just cant figure it out. 🙁

Jadon BTMurder says:

Once you get used to this skill, when do you know when you’re ready to move to a tougher/thicker surface?

Charanjit Singh says:


Ogres are like potatoes says:

Lmao if you accidentally roll on shit. XD.

JP Fragoso says:

Did my first Parkour training today on the beach
Thnks for the great tutorial 🙂

Alex Maxwell says:

can anyone help me when i roll i cant seem to finish the roll and when i do it my shoulder burns after i do it….can anyone help me


i am landing on my leg what should i do?

Zurc says:

After a lot of videos teaching PK roll that I’ve came across, this video was the most effective in terms of rolling. I tried this roll, and I felt the impact evenly distributed.

싸그리 says:

My shpulder hurts

ViVi says:

I can’t do this, my shoulders are too wide.

Ahmed Marwan says:

ur dad

read more

Frantzca Atse says:

I know how to role now yay , on my wat to becoming a street ninja

tj reynolds says:

I need help with shit I do everything he says but I’m ending in a pencil roll what I’m I doing wrong

jun jie says:

Your right elbow will hurt right? I did it but my my right elbow hit so hard

Thwallace says:

I throw up right after I roll.  and it hurts my shoulders EVEN THOUGH I do it exactly like you do. 

MGTZ says:

hey dude this is the most useful video ever

Crystalclay says:

I’m a teen, and can I teach myself parkour at home?

The Tech says:

I think im doing something wrong. Whenever I do this my back and shoulder hurts. Pls help

Stretruning Swe says:


Dereinzigwahreful says:

Hahahahahahahahaha How is a Person able to bei as ugly as he is laughed myself death

Pasan Parakrama Kaluthotage says:

thanx for the training dude (Y) 

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