Barefoot Parkour Training POV

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CringeMaster 21 says:

Are shoes helpful or not

Caleb Curescu says:

Wow Ronnie! Does that not hurt!

Featherflame says:

Benefits for your joints? You getting old over there Ronnie?

nothing but everything says:

I am fourth

Akali Matchups says:

disslike because supplement. its bs

maschoss says:

1.500 views and 0 dislikes

nothing but everything says:

I suggests you to make a spider man parkour 4k part two

человек арбуз says:


angelo animz says:


Caleb Curescu says:

Wow Ronnie! Does that not hurt!

JoeyJ says:

I need to train more barefoot. Also did you use some of these clips for the “dangers of parkour” video on functional fitness??

Keziah Carr says:

So, do you ride the skateboard?

I like cheese wat bout ya says:

Soon , I guess

Blue's Films says:

Imagine all the dog poop you could’ve stepped in barefoot

Simoms Schmidt says:

4:55 i am living in germany here it is rarely hot outside XD

Jesus Jimenez says:

What part of the world do you live in Ronnie?

Milo Batchen says:

Curcumins been proven to be much more effective when consumed as turmeric since theres no many other beneficial chemicals in turmeric, black pepper and some sort of fat are also recommended to be taken with it to maximise effectiveness i mix in a bit of high cbd hemp leaf too and its amazing for relaxing my muscles after a hard days training

Do you even care ? ? says:

Those foots in thumbnail are shynier than shiny pikachu.

Keziah Carr says:

How am I ever going to learn parkour I’m just to scared!

Slowfall says:

even natural suplements and foods have disadvantages and can be unhealthy when you eat too much of it or you eat it in inappropriate time! Though I agree it is much better than ibuprofen

Alexxis Delgado says:

That darn skateboard.

NC Stunts says:

Keep up the great work

King Slayer says:

Ronnie ur awesome I’ve watched u for three years so far and tried to start parkour this year. My friend and I train at school and home my friend is awesome so far he can wall run buildings, he can vault, scissor vault, turn vault, safety vault, speed vault, tic tac vault, one handed and two handed. At the moment he is learning the Kong vault but I can only one handed vault, turn vault, scissor vault, and I’m learning to wall run and improve my distance and accuracy in percision jumping so far I’m not to good and I’m fat so I’m not to confident to do multiple things like my fit friend but your channel inspires me to keep trying but I’m still scared I watch ur vid on fears and it helped a lot but I still get scared and I’m trying to get fit so I can do parkour a lot more gracefully and it will give me a lot more confidence but at the moment I just want u to know that you inspire alot of people your a hero known around the world by many I live in New Zealand and I love your vids and so do many other people around the world.

Juicetinluo says:


Keziah Carr says:

Watch you don’t step on sharp objects!

Naoboyz Parkour says:

Awesome Ronnie

Liberty_hero115 says:

Hi all

King Libra27 says:

Okay we need Ronnie Shalvis to become the new spiderman for these new spiderman movies coming out now

Destiny Worldz says:

I have a parkour group

dennis matsumoto says:


Rubén :v says:

This asam

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