Assassins Creed Parkour | Ezio’s Training Simulation In Real Life

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Stunts by Robert Bennett

Filmed by Matthew Cutler and Kyle Ball

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Animation: Zeb Jackson

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Log Lab says:

Dude you should get a group of friends and play a game of zombie tag/infection at a large park or something. That would be really fun to watch.

Naahska says:

omf yo where are you, i really would like to know. That’s a ninja gym. Like where people train for the show American Ninja Warrior. If you don’t mind telling me, where is the gym you filmed this at?

Schulze35 says:

Really good reminds me of your old content ❤

Abhijith M Nair says:

Does that guy really got no blood .

GatIlTV says:


Garrett Waters says:

you should do a meet up i live here in farmington utah and would love to meet you.

Miller Harding says:

Hi Ronnie, I love training parkour, but i’m still young and can not go out through town alone. What should I do?

alex greentree says:

lel, that kid in the orange shirt in the foam pit behind him at 2:14

Rita Wilson says:

that was awesome

Bunarici Animations says:

Attempt a Screwdriver and record it 😀

WisePath says:

Can overweight ppl do parkour

Jonas Bruun - Parkour says:


Dabber8888 [AlphaDabber] says:

Awesome video,really displays Ezio’s actual training as described in the book,I have one question,do u have a religion Ronnie,If yes what is it?

Samuel Drake says:

Please make Syndicate Parkour

JTDrummer says:

That’s awesome!! Where do you get the suit?

parkour boss Tedward says:

Where is that place

speed_demons 706 says:

Ronnie please look at this comment i need your help! So i was doing parkour and now i have lower back pain and now it is starting to hurt so much please give me some edvice on how i can get rid of it thank you.

Sai Abhishek says:

Ronnie I am big fan of your parkour.Please make a video on parkour beginners should learn from an expert or we should practice on our own in gym or somewhere in safe environment.

Thank in advance for making the video.

Garrett Tullier says:

System error

Ritz Plays says:

2:18 random kid in the foam pit

Tony Marinilli says:

Made my morning Ronnie, thank you.

Brayden Majid says:

Imagine Ronnie on American Ninja Warrior, or has he already been?

Nicolas Licastro says:

That system error was the best

joes9987 says:


sami belkhir says:

please can you do a tuto on the aerial twist

BearCat says:

I’m inspired to learn parkour now I’m training also watching training videos

CipherFilms says:

You should make a “Watch Dogs 2” freerunning in real life

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