5 Minute Parkour Workout

[Onlykinds Fitness] – https://www.youtube.com/c/onlykindsfitness

5 Minutes to improved performance for parkour and free running.
Increase agility, speed, and jump height with this simple 5 minute in home split.

Get in shape for free running and parkour with this workout. Be sure to check out Bodyweight Beast if you want to get a complete 12 week program. Learn how to workout and turn from beginner/ intermediate to a beast!

[Get Bodyweight Beast] – http://onlykindsfitness.com

[Instagram] – @bboyballz

yes I know parkour/ free running not the same


lants P says:

But you got a focus~

Smoothed Chip says:

do a routine for high jumps plz

gajju rap king says:

its a work ?

street 1121 says:

whats the song?

Lucy Striker says:

I love your Videos

Marie Clips says:

what’s that song called ?

Wafflepawn2 says:

Yeeaaaah five minutes!

ca5ualm3dia says:

can you make a how to get you hair dew to lean and rock wit it like lucas …..in five minutes of less

maeverlyn K Kabolo Pitanoe says:

is it real?

micheal a says:

what is the song called at the beginning of the video?

P4ND4 says:

Thanks alot man 🙂

Jonah Dreyfus says:

5 min upper body (parkour) I’ve subed for a while and watch every vid

Giusy Arena says:

powermoves in 5 minutes pls

pigmie says:

Be sure to roll from shoulder to opposite leg. So right shoulder to left hip and then up to left leg.

6HotelBravo says:

thanks for the video man, I can definitely feel the POWER BABY in my legs and joints now. but nonetheless I can definitely feel it improving my legs and agility

Aidan Mccoy says:

song title? +pigmie

Enzo Yu says:

What is the music?

naasir Ahmed says:

hey don’t make the Holl world in trouble you don’t know anything you waste our time

Khizar Zulfi says:

I would like to join you for flips and everything you do

Alivia Brooks says:

Really cool. I will probably try this later

Aziz Show says:

It’s hard to learn

KleoN TV says:

Bro i love you!! thanks for all the help you give us!!

Mark Force says:

Hey man, how tall are you?

Jiří Žák says:

is there something what he can’t?

Impact Parkour Studios says:

Have you made a tutorial on the cart full? And btw your vids are great thanks

Hadia Haddou says:

do how i can get my Backflip

Andrew Renner says:

You should sell some of your skill on the side..

kalim uddin says:

do a 360 dive roll tutorial

Alivia Brooks says:

Can you do a Frisbee flip in 5min tutorial?

mercanerie98 says:


The cube Runner says:

Your awesome keep it up

crystal claws says:

how tall is he

Mauricio Serna says:

Suicide kick up please

UnkownGuy says:

what happens if i do not focus?

Wing Chun für Insider says:

nice Clip thank you

De Slof says:

nice video

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