5 Best Parkour Moves to Outrun Anyone – How to Escape

Learn how to apply parkour in a real life situation and the 5 best parkour moves for any escape situation.

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Cirlbed 525 says:


Wrestling Booster says:

Thank you sir!

Gabriel Ciecielung says:

Police chase recommended

Leather Lawyercat says:

Imagine police using parkour

Sanju Full movie says:

You got a sub!

Red Productions says:

I tried a catleap before, ended up hitting the wall with the catleap, and then slipping and bodyslamming it with my fucking lungs.


Legend Allen G.A.D. says:

This my expectations XD

Heavy Bouldering says:

7:27 you stole shoes dude 😉 never thought I Would see the vintage green ollo shoes anywhere but om my feed

Lance Lorio says:

AKA how to escape police and security

Jose Qusay says:

All the dislikes are from polices

Aiden Williams says:

Hey I can flip so pls don’t say who needs flips

Joseph Seed says:

What if the chaser have gun?

GalaxyPanda 321 says:

Are you a ninja??

Phsyco Sanic says:

Yay now I can run from the co-…..

Um nothing

Lil Thug says:

I’ll really need this

Rocco Villa says:

666k views gg

Freeway Chewy says:

isnt that bridge a famous skate spot?

zeke Salazar says:

Hey ronnie thanks for the trick i still can’t believe i managed to parkour my way out of detention lol

Rosie Moreau says:

That’s the kind of things we need to learn in school instead of all those useless formulas

WistfulAZ0990 WistfulAZ0990 says:

Why am I watching this? I can’t even do a cartwheel…

SJFilmingStudios says:

Did anyone count how many times Ronnie said situation?

Guack says:

do you have and parkour trick to run away ftom school?

Ryan Olsen says:

You must lead one dangerous life Ronnie. Time to move 😀

Jesus Cabral says:

Endurance you say? unlimited, adrenaline replaces it

ksheezy 09 says:

Isnt that max steel for the speed vaukt scene

demowolf says:

Free running*

Jig Elumba says:


James O'Connor says:

I’m 10 and when I try to do a wall climb I kick myself backwards

TheMorSkull01 says:

Thx to you cops don’t arrest me anymore, ty.

Derrek Savage says:

Security guard cops a feel

Conor McGregor says:

Yeah popo! you better gogo!

Jesse A.O.T says:

I’m gonna use this so I can steal my friends food

racoonoob says:

When you were doing the cat leap I was thinking this: didn’t that hurt is privet, because it looked like he slammed against that wall pretty hard.

Aiden McCarthy says:


Blah Tube says:

What state do you live

Kid Squire says:

You don’t have to do all of this just kick them in the balls

Ajmal Ajju says:

How did you do the intro,?

Inteli Q says:

Thanks now I can get all the Vbucks and my mom wont get me

Polarbear Frost says:

The thumbnail looks like he’s dabbing…

AK 20miles says:

When FBI is chasing me

Aiden Williams says:

Everyone keep up ur parkour u can be extremely good if you believe you can be

Skylar Slimmer says:

but what if someone else seen this

Dairy Daryl says:

Imagine running from a guy with a knife and he decides to throw it

Lukas Heil says:

Wall Runs? They just grab you by the feet, pull you down, it’s over

crankey hankey says:

my mom doesnt even let me go outside because she thinks everyone is a pedophile, so i cant even do this

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