25 a Day – Parkour Routine [Grenoble] 2014

Information are here, just below ! 😉

Due to my job, I was really busy last 3 months so I wasn’t able to train as much as I wanted.
I started to be lazy and little by little I stopped all my physical trainings.

This summer, I have so many trips planned and between the end of my job and the beginning of these trips, I have juste a little week to get back in the game ahahah

David Belle said « Ayez foi en la répétition », I put a hard challenge to myself : in only one day, do 25 rep of each “movement” of Parkour.
This kind of exercices is so so good and also very hard physically, I never expected that it could be as hard. The 25 “Passe muraille” were the worst, so fucking physical, I was dead after them.
Physically I wasn’t ready to do “all” parkour movement, that’s why I didn’t made laché, balancé, saut de voleur, etc …

I kept the 25 arm jump for the end because my shoes were nearly dead. This jump is not so easy, quite far and high and on a no slippery wall. It was raining so I thought it’s gonna be slippery, but not …
On camera, it’s look dirty, but it wasn’t dangerous at all, I’m lucky, just a little pain for 1 day and then I was ready for the next challenge !

I hope you liked this video, do not hesitate to try a 25 a day challenge !
See you !


Mykel Chang says:

Vraiment cool le montage, authentique et limite pédagogique.
Ca a l’air bien fourni Grenoble pour le Parkour :p

Danilo Silvassauro says:

Isn’t this overtraining?

spvippro 6 says:

dit nhau tren cay cau lon dau chay mau au au

Boris Marjanovic says:

Those drops… your knees… 🙁

COD GOD says:

second song pleasee

Assassin's creed-compilation says:

Moi aussi je fais du parkour a l’AGP a Grenoble

ioninric says:

uhhh u sure it s good to pop those blisters?

Baptiste says:

Clément, déjà tu fais une vidéo super stylée, qui transmet  de la motivation, avec un montage soigné… et tu mets un son de Odezenne pour conclure le tous ? Laisse moi te dire que c’est trop mega géniale !

George Wicks says:

Hi great video! What cameras were used to make this video? cheers

100 abonnés sans vidéos? says:

2m17 la fille qui sursaute mdrrr . Très très bonne vidéo 😀

Mikael Bouchet says:

j’aime ! merci pour ce plaisir =D ! la fin est top !

GeorgijSosunov says:

Really liked it, how you showed the aspect of repitition in this video. Have you filmed the whole video on just one day?
What I am curious about is, how you handle the idea of sticking jumps. As I noticed you touch the wall landing your plio-pre around 6:08. Is it intended or would you also stick it without touching? Cause for me something doesn’t count, if I try to help on the balance with my hands.
One more thing, that made me think: Why do you take the escelator in the end? Four storeys isn’t that much to climb up and should be good for your legs, even after such a strength-sapping training.
To sum up: Really liked your strong movement and as this is the fist of your videos I watched I am longing to see you combining moves in a longer period. 🙂
Stay safe and take care.

Quang Vinh Nguyễn says:

You’re very durable. It’s amazing. Thanks you so much !

YunkADD says:

I like it! and … I have the same situation than you 🙁

Guillaume Jarlier says:

Gros boulot niveau parkour ainsi que niveau montage. Parfait 🙂 

Chris U says:

Vidéo à voir 25 fois 😀

Mohammed Ztn says:

enormissime (les spot ou je trace !!!)

Family in Motion says:

Excelente video y excelente ejemplo de ser y durar! 😀 Saludos desde Chile <3

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