10 Parkour Tricks for Beginners (Learn Parkour and Freerunning)

Learn how to parkour and freerunning with 10 short tutorials on tricks for beginners. This video is great for people who have never tried parkour before or for people who want to clean up their basics! Ultimate parkour tutorial for beginners.

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Thank you to http://www.lomtumbling.ca/ for letting us film here!

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Jiri X says:

Good training video

丹尺匕工S匕EMA爪丹尺匕工丹ㄥ says:

0:00 – 0:04 cheat gainer/kick the moon???

Fasha Carpet & Textiles says:

I can do some of these things

Ali Shaashou says:

I wish that i can make any parkour trick but i can not because I am fat

Allen Lee says:

Omg i didn’t know you have a channel

Raghav Gaur says:

You are the best i love it

divyansh Singh says:

I want to climb on wall

Nick Pro says:

What trick are you most excited to try?!

Fatherfungus08 says:

Hey nick can u do green arrow stunts

mahjouba sahara says:

very very good

Awesome Vids says:

Brilliant! Me and my friend are just kids but we can do loads thanks to you. Keep up the good work!

mahjouba sahara says:

primer comentario en español

Deborah Plamerhghugguygyyfutihvgbhg says:

What’s a shoulder roll

Khairul muhammad aiman Khairul azhar says:


Wolf Cat says:

I’m just really scared of breaking my neck

imz-gaming says:

i nearly kms on the first trick sheesh

Akash Deep says:

sir u give nice tricks to learn parkour

Maindoliya Atul says:


Ravi Prajapati says:

Hello sir your video are awesome but can you teach me how to do handstand and proper balanceing plzzz help me

divyansh Singh says:

I want to climb on wall

Jack Fisher says:


Lorena Radores says:

And a police chase me then i got away

Allen Lee says:

Are you in the hunted gym??

aewsome dude says:

is it for kids too

melstar Gaming402 says:

The first one i learnt was a speed volt

Death Scy says:

I thought it was JackSepticEye

Jaden Singh says:

The trick I want to try is the safety vault

Adarsh 1D says:

Can you do avengers infinity war

Ramesh Purohit says:

Its safety role

aewsome dude says:


Akash Deep says:

one thing more that give simple tricks to learn flips and cork

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