10 Parkour Moves Anyone Can Learn

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Here are the tutorials for a variety of moves I did in this video.

Tutorial Playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLo6MrktVVANoeveIYzlcD_u1ZBX01BrJd

Safety Roll https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6x-cG9giKXY&t=303s

Safety Vault https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZFnbIOmmIY&t=17s

Wall Run https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZo1t0c__eU&t=2s

Tic Tac https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VnGI31lp0w

Precision Jump https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sb4TYNHGio

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Brianna Watkins says:

I flipped off a wall and landed on my hands. I seriously felt like Spider-Man lol.

Brighto22 says:

he has 666k subs!!!!! illuminati confirmed!

James Knight says:

What happened to #7?

Abuumdumsadd Granum says:

666K!? 666!!!

Максим Леонидович says:

Many thanks to you from Russia. I started my parkour trainings thanks to this video.

Man, you are awesome and make me happy))

Reace says:

Im what people call a vegetable i can’t move……………

DaP!nk TiTan says:

Holy shit this guy has 666k subs he’s Satan

Mazeen Hood says:

he’s awesome

Michelle Siyavong says:


Fin ROBLOX says:

666k subs o_o

MintyCraft MC says:

hey man nice vid, i wish i learned this 2 days ago, since i tried to jump off a 5 meter wall, with no safety roll, my foot is now probably broken, r.i.p, but next time i’d learn from my mistakes! A parkour begginer will get injured, but it’s worth it.

KieranRichard1 Gilliam Russel says:

Iam A fan of parkour

David Playter says:

You are aweome

Camy Boi says:

666? subs

mr space bros says:

instructions unclear: dick stuck in a rail

Ethan says:

at 12:07 look at the mountains in the backround

nisha Gauture says:

tankeyou street boss

Joey Gonsalves says:

He has 666k subs

Jack Jack says:

any capability what about wheelchair 😛

melba BARRERA says:

you don’t even need to put your foot up when doing the safety vault. just use one hand to lean on the waist high object you’re vaulting over, and just simply swing both legs over. your legs have to be together for this to work. hope this dumbs it down a notch.

Descent says:

This guy has the scarce entrance down perfectly

Mergence says:

yikes, a paraplegic person can do this?

Jerry Blossems says:

Where does he live i wanna live there

shah sword22 says:

so this is basic that we need to learn.COOL

Mikeology says:

The only thing I can do is that dog run. That’s about it

Terpefiz Meow says:

666k subcriber

very funny vedios says:

you are talking more than moves

Sadman Tasin says:

this guy talk too much

Connor Gulbranson says:

He probably lives in Minnesota, in the back around you can see the viking symbol.

Gill G says:

I can’t even do the safety roll

Rainbow fidget spinner says:

Awesome video I love it

Marvel Outlook 101 says:

he sounds autistic

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