10 Minute Parkour Workout | Ground Exercises | Training At Home

This 10 minute parkour workout incorporates strictly ground movement in a small area for when you need to work out and practice parkour techniques and have no where else to go.

Do 2 sets of this routine for a 10 minute workout
Do 3 sets for an intense cardio burn.
Do 1 set if you are a beginner or you want to do this as a warm up.
Take a 1 minute rest in between each set.

Workout Routine:
15s High Knees In place
15s Butt Kickers
30s Scizzor Jumps
30s Quadrapedal: Forward/Backwards
30s Quadrapedal: Side to Side
30s Jump Tucks
30s Floor Safety Vaults or Floor Scoots
30-60s Leg Lift Butt Lift (bent knees or straight leg)
30s Quadrapedal: Ground Kongs
30-60s Precision Cross Jumps (2 feet or 1 foot)
60s Side Plank Leg Extention Hold, Switch sides
10-60s Bridge Hold

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ogawa tomoya says:

Great video Ronnie!!

MAHDi SAHEBi says:

Hey dude! watch Anna Mcnulty videos for back flexibility; I’ve got result

RG Gómez Martínez says:

I have that shirt

Jonty Bray says:

Hmmm I wonder why it’s ten minutes long hmmm

LeonACgooDreamer says:


Le Spatula says:

If i do this workout . My neighbor can kick me off.

Gabriel Siemieniuk says:

That carpet is awesome

Stitch Guy says:

Are your shirts in men’s or boys?

Cpt.Obvious says:

I would like to see more Training videos 🙂

Tunakann says:

Everyone at school keeps unironicaly telling me to do a double backflip… it’s really annoying, what do I do? What should I say to make them stop?

Miguel Medina says:

This was great as always. Thanks Ronnie!…

SheepaKing says:

Next up: 10 ways to full in…
I wish I had more ideas for the 10 ways to…
Maybe more simple object stuff w/ ten ways to use it? idk

PotElliot says:

On the double scissor jumps, I just looked at how close his head was to the ceiling

Kamla Thakur says:

I love you

Nick Duracell says:

Nice set of exercise even if you are not doing parkour…

ParkourOWEN says:

But you gotta focus

critstar1727YT official says:

I do parkour and I’m just 13 year old and I got chase by a police lel I was so nervous

krakencode l says:

Yo dude still salty about. American Ninja Warior

Alex James says:

Love your videos! Please help me get to 1,000 subscribers! Thanks, Alex

Naveen rawat says:

You are the best mate 🙂

Axios Media says:

I didn’t know Ronnie became a fitness instructor

Pexcel says:

Thanks for your tutorials Ronnie, really helped me when i started parkour a month ago. I already climbed few buildings, and I’m working on losing weight so i can do some more advanced moves. Anyone can do parkour! 🙂

Czytelniczka 21 says:

To do a perfect bridge u have to have straight arms and legs and u know that ur doing it right if your breathing as in normal position, just a tip for interested (and sorry if my english is not perfect ;p )

Halo James says:

Very helpful. More like this please.

KillaBeats says:

U should come to US, Wisconsin, in a small town like clintonville or marion. Theres nothing here for parkour.

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