Learn 10 practical exercises to help you in building the strength and coordination for parkour.
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elisa garcia says:

Girls Can Do parkour And BOYS to ALL PEOPLE CAN DO THAT

Kevin Peteri 6-9a1 Lillhagaskolan says:

im a pretty *THICC* boy, i cant go down in weight and im quite fat to, but i can at least try these exerciseuisfdguihiuxchn to learn movement i guess

Haseeb Tariq says:

I just got a new iPhone

Alyanna Marie Cadaing says:

Thank you bro

Brice McWilliams says:

First time I tried I could do a backflip off the wall

FireNation11505 2018 says:

4:12 i did that the other day….. my little sister just assumed I was about to start twerking

ert tre says:

You are a good guy

My YouTube Channel says:

Idol thanks for tutorial I’m ready to parkour

Viewer 56 says:

Sets? Reps?

Wartos says:

1:52 parkour is slavic

Plebescita Aquino says:


beast duvenhage says:

can you give 10 intermediate and advanced parkour exercises pls.

A.A creation says:


Rishwanth Rocky says:

Thankyou I like you man fuck

Adnan SamiRaiyan says:

Can a 15 year old boy do parkour.

Zuber Ahmad says:

Thank you

Yanjan Rai says:

I am faaaaaaat

assassinal says:

Thanks thous helped me

Patrikinjo001 says:

Cant wait for summer to do these

james tube HD says:

i really love your video

Parkour Guys says:

Your edit skills tho!

The Gold Star Band, Delhi says:

u r the best parkour teacher on the youtube 🙂 and i want to ask u a question i am little thin physically i want to be fit what should i do plz give ur anwer and by the way i am asking this for my child he loves parkour

elisa garcia says:


Plebescita Aquino says:

your the best

Sol-leks McKay says:

Me during the quadrupedals: “Dat asssss” I’m sorry XD

N McAuley says:

before i saw this channel i thought parkour like quadroupal backflips were impossible

varun bhaskar says:

I love that your videos aren’t that long and just show simple movements, plus you don’t show exercises to build muscles rather movement exercises which is the basis of parkour.

Aniruddha Purohit says:

u r the best parkor teacher

Opposite of FaZe says:

I’m a super weak skinny chick, so I’m having trouble doing the parkour moves, so this video really helped me.

Sonny Francois says:

Sensai Ronnie

ivan lin says:

5:33 thats called skipping though

Cool kid231 says:

damn, pistol squats are hard, coz one leg supports the whole entire body

monster gamer/kung fu master says:

Or use a fidget spinner

Natural Liver says:

Ronnie for parkour first we have learn gymnastic ah….
yes or no

Nicholas Alkobi says:

When i was in middle school, there was this wall that was a few inches lower than me. So I would always do a dip position and use my arms and hands to get my body across it

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