What I Eat In a Day As A Vegan Bodybuilder (TIPS TO GAIN MUSCLE)

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I haven’t tracked in a bit since I’ve been moving around so much so today I wanted to film everything I’m eating in a day as a vegan bodybuilder and then track it afterwards to see how close to my goals I’m getting with it! Hopefully you enjoy this video, if you do make sure to give it a thumbs up, leave a comment below and subscribe if you haven’t already!

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Chiquita Braids says:

So glad I watched thanks for sharing ❤️

Carmen Mader says:

I love topping the pizza with a thick chashew Soße (cheeeese). Tastes awesome!

Mr DMENOR says:

this is the worst video ever. didn’t help me out at all.

Z Klaric says:

What steroids do you use?

Twitch/ Aggravate_aK says:

What wrong with making normal pizza dough? It just yeast, flour, oil, and salt.

Astrid says:

You are ripped dude

Rolf Poelman says:

The problem with blended food is that the body does not digest fluid as well as food. Water passes through without being digested. So, calories but not minerals and vitamins etc. Add chunks of food to the smoothie. And chew as if it is food ,not drink it as water.

Wavy Goods says:

Do you do intermittent fasting or nah?

Mr. No Nutz says:

Can I make my smoothie the night before and eat it the next day

Rolf Poelman says:

Add any oil to the food after cooking, to avoid cooking ie damaging the oil.

Rolf Poelman says:

Dry brush the teeth, more gunk is picked up that way, then use your mouth to suck the gunk off the brush sometimes.

Splash Records says:

how does that shake have 124g of protein? unless a scoop of the protein powder is giving you 110g protein that makes no sense

The narrow path says:

Veganism isn’t sustainable or smart, it’s unhealthy as shit.

Rolf Poelman says:

Try the better greens, with no cellulose fibre, Barley Grass Juice Powder: http://health101.org/products_daily_green_boost.htm

JagdActor1 says:

I don’t want to be a troll, but I have my doubts about your numbers. For example, in your first shake meal you estimated 124g of protein. I estimate the following for protein:
3 cups almond milk = 3g protein
spinach maybe 3g
bananas 2g
blueberries 1g
walnuts maybe 10g at best
are you telling me that you got your remaining 105g of protein from just a scoop of your greens and protein powder? Seems way off to me. Could you break it down and elaborate for me?

Jake Rodgers says:

Do you have reptile eyes?

Crypto Whale says:

You look like a queer with your hair like that

J P says:


Luis Rodriguez says:

That’s a shit ton of protein!

Rolf Poelman says:

The almond milk is cooked/ heated/ damaged: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dm5L3lrRmgg
And is it from Aldi?

Christopher Lantigua says:

Liquid calories tip was awsome gained 15 pounds already

Eduardo Castellon says:

3 heads are better than one

Hampus Hugoson says:

Looks great! I’ve been using recipe from this book now for a while and I love it!


Highly recomended.

Marx Lester Flores says:

awesome video dude. been planning to go vegan for a while now. still looking for recipes to make my meals taste good. 4k calories seem a bit steep. how tall and how much do you weigh?

TheCarelessVoice says:

I don’t feel like I learned anything from this video. It more of a “day in the life of…” rather than an educational experience as the title implies.

Abdallah Ka says:

Another fake Natty.

NewLowBro says:

Hmm, why can’t I find any muscular vegans who aren’t on steroids.

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