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A lot of you are asking me for some advice on weight training. In this video, I show you a few simple exercises I do to help with conditioning and strength. It’s not a lot. I keep it down to three reps and just three or four sets per gym session, but it’s definitely vital to my preparation. Keep the comments coming, thanks for watching and I hope you all enjoy! All footage filmed at St. Mary’s University, London.
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Dipsinh Rathod says:

We have to do it daily?

Ton Yu Logy says:

If he retired running, he will bulk and have a leaner muscles

Magnus Hansen says:

What a guy

El maroquino says:

Mashallah Mister Farah

Jose Rivera says:

Do u recommend protein shakes for distance running

Stevanus Wijaya says:

Who is mo?

kayse abtidoon says:

i proud my mo farah , u are somaliland pure , go forward my bro

Ball Till We Fall.com: The Basketball Hub says:

Great insight Mo. Thanks for sharing champion

travz21 says:

Just imagine how good these elite athletes would be if they squatted correctly. Mo would be much stronger if he hit depth. More strength at the same body weight simply translates to faster times.

JapGeordie says:

Mo, you just half-squatted. Can I ask why you didn’t get your ‘ass to the grass’? I’m just asking because I don’t want to damage my knees, yet I was taught that a ‘proper squat’ means a deep squat. Can you clarify?

Saipraneeth Mukku says:

Seriously such a great athlete

Whiteboy CurryII says:

Do you do this on easy run days or does it matter?

Abhishek Bidhuri says:

Sir tell me about your full week workout..

amadu amadu says:

Wow Brother Mahamned! Is this is your personal gym?

faduma abdullahi says:

Ok mo farah

iceberg789 says:

most people would get prominent muscle lines with this much weight training, but hes like ……

AstoundingPilot -SW- says:

he lifts really light weights

Christian Arellano says:

Get that boy some lotion

Aussie Twins Fan says:

Mo is so lean and muscular! I wonder what his body fat percent is?!!!

Matthew Kossolapov says:

He may be an amazing runner, but in a gym, he is a quarter squatting amateur.

Ty Pie Athletics says:

No you locked your legs durning the squat. Do not do that you can get knee injuries.

Surya Rana says:


Eric Hui says:

Hey i’m glad to see you on Youtube! This is exciting! It’d be cool to know if you have any periodization to your strength training and how you structure your running program at least in general.
Are you still competing?

vishnu athlete says:

Hai mo farha iam u big fan ♡

sachin kumar says:

Sir aap mujhe bhi training de sakte ho

Manmeet Singh says:

How many sets

sachin kumar says:

Jaldi batana sir because you are a my favorite runner in the world

samunder vaishnav says:

I like mo farah your runing india

chandan singh says:

I like the game

Johnathan Tyrer says:

watching this makes me super proud to be a fat waster…eating burgers,Fried chicken and basically anything I can in one go…it doesn’t bother me that I have to use a scooter to get around either as it can carry more food for me

blueC says:

This definitely isn’t the full story, of course. His routine in-season likely involves a lot of explosive, powerful, light-weight exercises with much more complexity than half-assed squats and basic dumbbell exercises. This tiny routine is basically housecleaning/maintenance, I would imagine.

Sachin Kumar says:

How many days a week long distance runners should do weightlifting??

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