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Usain Bolt is a Jamaican sprinter with both the 100 metres and 200 metres world records.

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Tyler Alexander Martinez says:

What is with this ear rape music ?…. people on YouTube choose the worst music for their YouTube videos I swear

Luca Bertani says:

Daaamn. Comparable to muy thai fighter Buakaw. Look up his workouts…insane

Jdgaf myob says:


Patrick Gonzalez says:

sin duda el mejor

DriZer W says:

this music is cancer

Petr Růžička says:

Stupid music >.<

neerajan saha says:

Worst soundtrack to a fitness video. Had to watch on mute.

Bryce says:

This is the worst music I’ve ever heard :/

Mouskeet says:


Tone202 says:

I like the fact that the workout are aired so everyone can see he is just like us with good and bad days and we can try some these works because most of the are low impact workouts for your core.

Diegodon 1983 says:

Mierda ahora entiendo porque hago 18 segundos en 100 metros

Sharpe Guy says:

wrong song

Romain Ebanks says:

Was Usain bolt wearing ankle weights when he used the box because even though I’m 13, I need to know if they make you faster. I’m super fast but want to be what Usain Bolt is, Champion. I have a competition and I represent my school with some,of my friends at that tournament. I train every week so that I can be champion at that competition. So I need to know if I’m old enough to wear ankle weights to increase my speed.

Simon Loo says:

Ya agreed the music is crap, i watch the other version of same video, that music was awesome.

No you says:

if you listen this song is a rip off of the cure just like heaven

Eraf Chowdhury says:

the music is so horrible

prince Prince says:

he is awesome

T. Quadson Jr. says:

Thanks for burning my ear drums from that horrifying music. This video is better suited with Love Me Now – John Legend.

George Gilles says:


urcommonnegroid says:

What is he doing when he is stomach down rolling the ball?

eatyourmeats says:

That is the worst music I have ever heard

Yann Fasilleau says:

What is the music ? He’s so horrible for my ears..

Commando Master says:

Wonder how much of his speed is from training or his genes.

christine MARSSI says:

Après une opération du genou j’ai découvert un muscle que je ne connaissais pas. Lui doit tous les connaitre.

Jose Wui says:

music tho

BIG J says:

The king of greatness.gods of the land on universes

chevon1920 says:

Damn it’s all just core

Sr Tonon says:

Humilde e vitorioso

Son Goku says:

name of the music in this video??

x nors says:

no tenían una canción más puteada?

iVince905 says:

im not a sprinter but im assuming that core building is essential to sprints? he does a lot of them. Someone care to explain why??? Thought u would need legs more??

Quick Flash says:

I’m gonna do these

Jacques-Lois Du Toit says:

Fucking shit music

x nors says:

no tenían una canción más puteada?

Ryan Dawson says:


MrLoose26 says:

i tried to shazam this tune but.. shazam threw up on me

Severin Beastmode says:

Even looks like a cheetah in the best way possible

Kasongo Harry says:

Disappointed in u guys, the MUSIC IS PURE SHIT!!!!~!

Jake Khan says:

usain please come in india

Mattchild Official says:

i swear i watch this video like a 100 times freaking inspiration

Muhaib Hamdard says:

I have gone so fast by following the exercises

corey thomas says:

a top 3 athlete of all time

Cool Beans says:

Music name?

aoeuuiaiui says:

1:25 Holy shit they have a vest strapped to him with wires and shit to blast him if he doesn’t keep up!

Tehui1974 says:

Definitely not the most inspiring work out music I’ve ever heard.

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