Top 7 Muscle Gaining Exercises

1 crazy tip to build ripped muscle:

Hi, its Mike Chang here and I want to go into detail for you about the 7 BEST muscle building exercises.

It’s important that you know how to do all of these exercises because they pack muscle onto your body faster than anything else you could do in the gym. And in this video I’m going to show you exactly what the best muscle gaining exercises are, and how to do each one with expert-level form.

The seven best muscle building exercises are:

1.Bench press
2.Bent over rows
4.Military press
5.Straight bar curls / Triceps extension

Hope you had a great work, and remember to always stick with proper form and do the full range of motion on each exercise.

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VengefulSage says:

full body workout every day. Kick your ass! do NOT let anybody tell you you can’t do it. Take 2 rest days. Full rest a week. Then go back at it! Keep up diet, cut the pop, sweets, shit food and sugar. NO alcohol. Don’t wack it too much. 2 or 3 times a week if less. Get the mentality that you’re a fucking lion and let nothing stand in your way

BlueSkyGames says:

Can you do all these in a day or should you split em up ?

Milán Magna says:

i have just as weird abs as he do

Jose leon,jr says:

He looks a lil over weight. He needs a nutritionist

The Dane says:

ah hell No! I accidentally clicked on this scam artist BS

OkashiiAmerican says:

why are his reps so fast man dang? lol what happened to the 2 and 4 counts?

Avumile Vuyo says:

nice cool videos I hope they can help me

Tynisha Fitness says:

im a personal trainer, if anyone is interested on how to do certain workouts
please watch my videos..
thank you (:

henrychaf says:

I find this as very helpful and extremly interesting

Alex Johnson says:

how often can you do this workout per week?

Erik Jonsson says:


Really good explaining of how to building muscle mass.
How important is it to do the exercises in the sequence you do it?

mystarkiller1 says:

Why is form is so bad for shoulder press and bicep curl and the momentum! That’s not the mike Chang I know lol

chand cheema says:

That’s what I’m looking for thanks for the video and yh I subscribe your Chanel also

Floral Pink says:

Is anyone here like done any of these and seem signs quick ??

nenogirich says:

great tips brother,i appreciate you ,guys do this workout only if your beginner and intermediate no isolation movements,you will be an ace in no time ….

Christophe Balduck says:

Not starting a war-discussion here but that 3rd exercise is really bad for your spine man. Gaining muscle is one thing, spine surgery is another… Might wanna consider that.

Nutrition Store says:

these exercises r best for weight gain but shld b followed twice in a week if u r on advance level nd thrice if intermediate level

BeastPigSweg says:

if I saw him I’d run for my life

Wesley Nieves says:

TERRIBLE FORM ON THE SQUATS!! You could seriously injure yourself doing it like that…

henrychaf says:

thank you

Naxious says:

Pussy not only uses smith machine for bench but also for bent over rows?!

Alec Kollman says:

I’m nervous about switching to free weights. Not sure how much to start with.

napischu says:

Yeah, let’s do everything in the smithmachine. And if you’re gonna coach people, then do the exercises flawlessly, like you would if you were a real coach. This guy has absolutely no credibility and you should look for information elsewhere.

RIP EVO says:

Is it true a bench press with dumbbells is better for you compared to using a barbell? I think I’ve seen that the barbell being straight forces you to lift in an unnatural position.

boubker messoudi says:


Daniel Vargas says:

mike chang disrespected on all thumbnails

Mo Khan says:

Where is this guy gone? Why is he not in any of the latest videos on this channel?

T H says:

Squat on smith machine? Not a natural movement….

Polarbear says:

His back movement is all wrong doing those squats. And in the other exercises his reps are too fast and momentum based. Why is it that whenever I watch this guy it seems like hes full of shit?

SkyTricks says:

take a shot every time he says “so”

FISHKING24 says:

Why 8 reps? Will doing more be better?

JANNE45Y says:

I tryed this at my gym, but it didn´t work!
They made me where my shirt again… 🙁

george takahashi says:

What’s the name of the second workout?and what muscle does it target?

Calisthenics Life says:

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M C says:

Actually it’s dead lift bench squat overhead press bent over row pull up dip

henrychaf says:

I’m 14 years old so how will it work depending on age


If you demonstrate anything, least do it correctly even if know how to do you always ask people to so smooth controlled movement all the way with full range of motion not like this hop hazard style. The exercises choosen correctly overall.

Lionel Wauneka says:

Watch Athlean-x

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