Tom Hardy Traps Workout Secret for BIGGER TRAPS NOW!

More than just bigger traps –

One of the most overlooked muscles when it comes to direct training, or at least correct direct training is the traps or trapezius muscles. Regardless of what traps workout you’re following, perhaps nobody personifies the kind of towering traps that you can get with the right traps workout than Batman and Warrior actor Tom Hardy. The guy literally looks like he is smuggling sandbags in his upper back and neck!

But how did he develop such an impressive set of huge traps?

From doing trap exercises the right way…by contracting the traps on every rep of shrugs and not just lifting the bar from point A to point B. There is a huge difference in the activation of the traps muscles when you simply lift your shoulders upwards during a shrug and when you contract and pinch your shoulder blades back at the same time that you lift.

Watch the demonstration in this video and see how much more active the traps muscles are when this is done correctly and how much more effective you can make your traps workout if you start doing them this way.

Also remember that when you’re performing your shrugs, it’s always better to do slightly less weight and use dumbbells to ensure a good contraction in your traps than it is to use a barbell, and get blocked from reaching full contraction. You’ll see much better results from your workouts if you do.

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Mladen Puzigaca says:

Thank You. Rotation is right way to traps grove!

Douglas Martins says:

yes but DBS in my gym go to 75lbs. So I BB it

DanielLucas2104 says:

Coach, should i work my traps on shoulder or back day?

Dustin Beard says:

I have never really researched traps before but everything you said to do I’ve already been doing out of natural instinct. Thanks for making these videos to help explain the science behind the workout not a lot of people understand it.

initforlife says:

nice vid

StrongCanuk says:

One word summary – SHRUGS. There, save yourself the 5+ minutes of this video.

Boş İnsan says:

How the fuck am I supposed to find 180+ pound dumbbell? Good in theory but not so much in practice

Chris G says:

I feel this shrug adds volume to the back of the traps but Not height of the traps.

Adomako Solomon says:

how can I get a bigger neck

Šone Zver says:

how to get that pencil neck 😉 lol

Ignorius says:

You only need enough steroids.

Daniel Reyes says:

Hey, Jeff has white hair in this video. He looked weird.

Gleidson Nascimento says:

paper planes

Carl Johnson says:

the music at the ending is from tekken 3!!!!

Robert Hahn says:

The veins in Tom Hardys traps have traps

Rachit Bhatia says:

is it raining?

Pavan Pramod says:

thzzz guy telling waste workouts….

Dirty Whiteboy says:

Do wheel burrows

Random Dude says:

i want your body, not in a gay way

Chung David says:

Would you recommend shrugging while slightly bent forward?

Luke Keast says:

I wonder if those 1252 dislikes fat f**** that are jealous of Jeff’s physique, I’m not in the best shape of my life but I ain’t that mad I can tell a quality video.

Brinto Babu says:

Ur usual grace is not seen here jeff..

Danny Huffman says:

Jeff is like twice as jacked now

raheel07 says:

I am having left trap bigger than right. what to do? please help!

Petar Petar says:


Adomako Solomon says:


Astro Aquanaut says:

Like the form tip on this video on shrugs…

Rack pulls?

I took a suggestion from another you tuber omar utilizing high weight rack pulls and you can feel the difference. Normally I do traps on my back day

( Lat Pulldown, Deadlift, Dumbbell Shrugs, Rack Pulls, Pullups, Hyper Extensions, Dumbbell row, and this crazy seated cable row that Ninja shows on his channel )

 note: Just sharing what I do basically I break up my workout each day (Chest, Arms, Legs, Back, Shoulders, Legs) and I am normally on the edge of over training. This seems to workout for me, and I am always open to suggestions and learn new things. One more thing: Who am I? Some dude on the internet, so take that with a grain of salt…

JSA 1999 says:

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tomjamapz says:

I got one stronger trap and one weaker, which make my stronger shoulder lift higher than weaker side. can I work out my weaker trap alone? or need to work together?

Šone Zver says:

and BTW only way to get big traps is to carry heavy.

Rick wallace says:

this is how you do a shrug correctly….demonstrate….end of video.

Dino Vidakovic says:

just get fucking strong on teh shrugs

Zvonimir Spoljaric says:

secret.. yea

Christos Vasiliou says:

traps needs overload..its not about the contracting them…look at the traps of a powerlifter or a strongmans…do you really thing they are doing shrugs ?…the walk with some heavy ass weight..the do heavy deadlifts..thats how u build huge traps….u are missing somethinf jeff..what actually traps do ?? they work with shoulder and the res of the back ?..the support the back whenever u r doing a heavy lift traps are always activated cuz the sup;port your rest of your back and whole body…big traps= heavy ass weights

kaaiRONE says:

man waow it looks like u ve barrowed that body from a movie, from every inch of ur body muscles come out … u give a lot of inspration… thnx for it, by the way i lost so much weight (fat) and building some musles cose of you thnx a lot … god bless thank you agaian again and again

Keyser Soze says:

Yo…you need to squat to pick up those dumbells, use your brain and your legs to lift homie

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