The Rock In The Gym 2015

2015 GYM montage of “THE ROCK”!

This the first of many workout videos for 2015, so make sure to comment/like/subscribe

(All footage is sourced form the official ‘therock’ instagram page)

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Adrian Medina says:

The rock is funny as hell.

Bie Star says:

the rock John Cena

GaJuddgernaut says:

whaaaaaat no racial slurs towards the Rock in his comment section???#Amazed!!!

Demarcis Mccutchen says:

he is my biggest fan

StaticDreamsEntert says:

Lol his dog talks and so does the machine .haha love it.

King Vaga says:

Your hilarious

Todd Petrossian says:

dwayne Johnson steroid user.

ken buchanan says:

this is all 100 % steroids .we aren’t stupid .since the early 1940’s ,all bodybuilders have been using steroids.we all know that.

rounick arabuglu says:

you have a small head…

Justin Johnson says:

Do you have a wife

azumma2007 says:

he still look so good

Robert Hamilton says:

song at 1.30?? been trying to find it out for months

Uteopia says:

You’re the best Dwayne thanks for Inspiring me to get off my lazy ass and get healthy, BTW your dogs are awesome.

Danny Luna says:

Why do you need to cuse..

James Nelson says:

still waiting on him n CT

Paul Collins says:

what kind of steroids is he using

justyn france says:

lols a good laugh

Not Me says:

Wow, HGH really deformed his head. He will do anything to stay in the limelight.

Neeloy Chitan says:


MsAngelaSunshine says:

Lil Troy in the background, “Wanna be a Baller”

Adrian Medina says:

Man he is high strung.. Possible steroids but who’s judging

glencannondr says:

dude you rock. “iron dont kick its own ass” lol

BlievUCanUwill says:

U Cant C Me… He says….


When he said “I turned the light’s off and you can’t se me ” I was like:JOH CENAAA

Rodrigo Costa says:


Bie Star says:

the Rock. WWE Raw

Maxim Lupu says:

are u alone in the gym?

Bionistar says:

2:38 is inspirational.

flo bowvie Ashworth says:

your awsome!

Jawad Saleh says:

He rents the whole gym out when he works out. Crazy..

GuttaSnipe says:

Get a life fuckwit

Toher Abdullah says:

rock has a youtube channel!!! omg im subscribing

Charles Henry says:

Lol. You are funny

Natalia Jorobiova says:


Reyna says:

I love him 🙂

hugo hernandez says:

The Rock humble as hell.

robz1471 says:

up at 3:45am…..cardio by 4:45am …..lazy fool, took him an hour!!!

Bie Star says:

the rock John Cena

Pepe Pika says:

(Rock just lifting weights im the gym)
(out of nowhere Koolaidman comes out of the wall and yells JOHN CENA *EARAPE*

Carlos Mendoza says:

1:28 song?

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