The Personal Trainer of Superheroes | Duffy Gaver

Superheroes need a super trainer. Chris Hemsworth and Scar Johansson called on Duffy Gaver, no-nonsense bad@ss and former Navy SEAL. He turned them into Thor and the Black Widow.
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Duffy Gaver has built some bad@ss celebrity bodies, including those of Brad Pitt and Channing Tatum. Only you’d never hear it from him. Despite being one of Hollywood’s elite trainers, Duffy attacks his job with a humble, down-to-earth, hard-as-nails, move-your-butts attitude.

He doesn’t drop names; he makes you drop and give him 20. Followed by 20 more. And 20 more after that. And… you get the picture. In Duffy’s eyes, “All fitness is good fitness.”

Scarlett Johansson and Chris Hemsworth just graduated from the School of Duffy with degrees in crushing faces, pulverizing villains, and avenging the planet. The ex-Navy SEAL spent time with to show us how he helped Hemsworth put on 25 pounds of Thor-muscle and turned Johansson into a lean, mean, bad-guy-busting machine.


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nois14 says:

It’s the old stuff…. plus a supervised cycle of Equi, Test, and Winny.

prasanna nalli says:

Awesome Tips

leslie alcantara says:

ok first is pull up right? i cant do that the rest i do circuit the same things 10 rounds heavier..

Bicloptic says:

Congrats to the Diana Bol and Ms Ana Bol. Great work ladies.

TTTn says:

Yes, Lots of wall BALLS.

Noah Thomas says:

This guy speaks so much truth

anas mohammed says:

Great Video.

Adrian Lara says:

Air squats *looks into distance* she did a lot of air squats

John Tang says:

how did they train the hulk?

doooper super says:

20-25 lbs of muscle in about 6 months? holy shit thats a lot…

LiamelMessi says:

I watched this after coming home from the gym. Now I’m going back to the gym.

or da gever says:

great job with hulk

Moses Idowu says:

I can only imagine how much this guy charges for a session let alone a 6 month subscription

Kai Huizing says:

This guy is straight to the point no excuse

FreddyGaming says:

This guy for once said some truths

Davie Chen says:

I love his philosophy and the smirk he was having while talking about Scarlett’s squats.

NobleAss says:

What a great man.

Cameron Dye says:

Bill Belichick of trainers

xTray says:

theres no way to naturally get 20 pounds of muscle in 6 months, that is a load of shit.

even with drugs thats a long shot

Daniel Martinez says:

This guy looks like gordan Ramsey

Nieczerwony says:

Most important sentence: “Fitness industry became more complicated than it really needs.” This is a “bull’s eye” point. All them popular diets and other stuff like trademarking crossfit. I remember growing up when was spending sumer vacation on my uncle’s farm. Gaining 10 kg in 2 months. And I am talking muscle. Food was simple and work was hard. No gym and sweat boxes. Climbing trees carrying havyy bags with potatoes and wheat or baskets with apples etc. plus loads of different stuff. Remember going back to school after and PA classes ware just a joke. I think some people have impression that if they pay massive money for something it will be some kind of wonder. Today people pay fortune to hit tractor tire with hammer. I was chopping in average 16 m3 of wood every winter. I was helping uncle to load all them heavy logs in forest. Wet havy and covered with ice and snow. I am not sayin everybody should go now and start chopping a wood but just showing how fucked up this thing becomes.

Nieczerwony says:

From all Avangers if I could get any muscle it would be … Tony’s Stark brain. Wouldn’t need anything else. Other muscle can be train a lot easier than brain like that 😀

thechosen says:

I didn’t know he also trained Hulk?! I bet his meal planning takes his entire month’s salary.

Cilla Latte says:

Why can’t you personally train me I can’t lose this mommy gut for the cardio of me…

Bilal Khan says:

i love this video

rentefald says:

What is that? What an oracle.

NFL Superfan says:

damn I’m gonna add this to my favorites. No bullshit, straight to the point kind of guy. Love it

Skaa A says:

Plain simple! Respect

Aaron Lauper says:

This guy´s advices are pure GOLD . Honest guy saying no bullshit, hard to see these days.

SoCalFreelance says:

Hemsworth always looks soft on screen so mission *FAIL!* What happened to using genuine no shit bodybuilders as superheros like Arnold in the Conan films!?

Dummy Candidate says:

Awesome guy. Very honest.

Rasheed says:

supplementation was left out of the video for obvious reasons

Suguru Tsubasa Aizawa says:

Why is sleep as important as ” diet and training” ??? Ive been working hard but I still feel tired, because I usually sleep late.. it is kind ahard to get a good sleeping rutine

lllllillllllllillll says:

this guys my new hero. needs a job at marvel with the avengers

thechosen says:

4:00 – 4:14 Snake oil salesmen in fitness and bodybuilding industries would hate him for saying that…

boricualink says:

The way he says ” she did a lot of air squats”, you can tell he remembers them fondly

Personal trainer says:


jumpstart55million says:

The guy is awesome..And he’s right The fitness industry is a joke and just one big pyramid scheme.

Mr. DG X says:

The only training that Scarlett deserve is a nice gangbang

Project H says:

At 6:00.. Wait is that redhead scarJo???

Daggar Hawke says:

ScarJo has some fantastic…………………… fight scenes.

Benito Romagnoli says:

20-25 punds in 6 months? There is no way You can achieve that naturally

Alec Rosenthal says:

Why did they beep out fat ass but not bullshit

Michal Hanik says:

How did you traine Hulk?

Aaron Zipperle says:

10.000 chicken die every day because of that video. !!

haxpaxed says:

yeah sure, but what’s the secret tho?

Mega Top Tens says:

they definitely used some CGI on Thor’s arms there..he is so skinny in real life

HDZ says:

that voice crack doe XD

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