The Best Science-Based Back Workout (TARGET EVERY MUSCLE!)

In this video I discuss the best back training workout that utilizes exercises for a big back, as well as exercises for a wider back based on current scientific literature and our anatomical understanding of the back muscles. It’s important that you not only choose the right exercises when performing a back workout for mass, but to also perform these exercises in the correct fashion to target the right muscles. If you’re looking to add more mass, depth, and width to your upper back and lower back while targeting muscles that are important for scapular and shoulder stability, then this is the best back workout video for you.

Within the video I’m going to discuss 5 exercises that I believe are essential to grow a powerful and attractive looking back: the deadlift, pull-up, chest-supported row, lat pulldown, and scapular pull-up.

I will go through each of these exercises and show the muscle anatomy worked in each exercise, as well as the best variations of these exercises based on current research. It’s also equally important that you are targeting the right back muscles when you perform each of these exercises. I discuss a few “cues” and tips that have helped me minimize the involvement of secondary muscles and focus on using my back throughout each movement.

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Additional credits:
Pietro Boselli for the anatomy:
Jeff Nippard for the “science-based workout series” idea:



Shivam agerwal says:

thank you very much
your advice

FrenchPlayer says:

Hey there bud just a quick thing I’ve noticed there but you might want to work out on your anterior delts…. it looks off by comparison of the rest of the back muscles

kishor zute says:

Superb bro

luis says:

Could working these muscles possibly make me taller?

Carson Brown says:

Love your videos! Great advice with solid evidence and no bullshit. Keep it up.

SajNaz Hussain says:

Thanks for the info very usefull

Onur GÜLTEKİN says:

Hey bro! I think you the best explanation videos! keep going!

A T says:

I don’t think “illusive” was used correctly. I think alluring was the word you were going for.

Keegan Moore says:

Wow. Nice video

Matt Skibby says:

Jeremy Ethier is the only fitness videos I watch. None else needed!

Zsolt Terpak says:

Hi Jeremy,
I just came across this video as you said may be a lot of information, but saved this to my favourites and decided to make these exercises as my routine back exercises. Great video, very nice physique! I have been looking for PT’s here in London, UK and some of them are the most demotivating not to mention as I was looking for someone I can kind of look up on with visible achievement. Decided to search the web when I came across this vid. definitely this is going to be my back exercise routine…. I do not know how long it will take till I can pull myself up 6-12 times, but decided to use like a rubber band hoping one day I will be strong enough to this without the support…thanks for sharing this video. It is really inspiring ( me at least I am not sure about those dislikes why don’t they find videos they lie but hey-ho) Can’t wait to give this one a go. I am please to have found that chest-supported row as I have been having more of a sore back while trying workouts this definitely looks like one I will have to try! Thanks for Sharing! Cheers, Zsolt

steveroni Pepperoni says:

Probably one of the best and most informative channels!! Well appreciate this content

lol_dnz says:

well, at 2:37 you earned a big thumbs up. That’s some production value

florant 0314 says:

You good looking pretty lips


Well presented information I ever found! Definitely subbing.

Elias Rodas says:

Simple, concise information, with source. Great video!

tooshlong says:

Re your request for feedback:

1) The dick who said you were monotone… Ignore him. Not saying it to be nice. I’m saying it because calm tones are a pleasure to listen to as it brings authority to the info you convey.

2) tune is sick

3) the sound effects were a bit off-putting but didn’t take away from enjoyment as it occurred just the once

4) For a young lad, I was very impressed with the knowledge. I’m from a physiology based background and I agree with most of it tbh. Rare.

4) love from Brexit England and God Save the Queen.

Bobby Boucher says:

who does your animation?

sud korfa says:

Jey guys : please i can do the pyramid sets in back workout (10K-20K-30K.. i can do for mass

warak anda says:

Really really awesome.. Very clear, short, precise and detail demonstration. Makes us understand better. Tq bro..

Zetsuke4 says:

great video!!!

Malcolm Smith says:

Nice video

Andrew Chen says:

Funky music lol

Pj Mendoza says:

I like when it shows the muscles in red to show what is getting the activation ! That helps out a lot when teaching and learning about exercising of the specific muscles .

Peter Sekalias says:

what the hell is a rhomboideus?

jjicebeam says:

Great details. Thanks

tooshlong says:

Btw the tune (if anyone else wants to know) is Blue Wednesday. Step by Step.

Andres Jaime says:

Fire ass video

Nils Flyg says:

I really like this video and you’re doing a great job. But I have one remark. The deadlift is not in a good form. Look at the lowest part of your lower back. You’re not controling that part, something that you should learn how to do to prevent super heavy preassure at that point.

AceR4800 says:

Am I the only one who doesn’t feel deadlifts in my upper back ? I mostly feel it in my lower back and definitely my hamstrings

ConspiracyJuice says:

I can’t help but laugh every time you tell us how to achieve that “Christmas tree shape”.

felix Omosere Johnson says:

Thank you J

Ciprian Tothazan says:

ill do this for 2 months, i already watched your deadlift movie so i hope i get good results after it. TY 🙂

Frank Chambers says:

Very nice!

rylie weaver says:

Question: Does the RDL activate the back like a normal deadlift? Does it work instead of the normal deadlift for workout #1?

meetasheep says:

very nice video, but anatomy is a bit off, the erector spinae is not just in the lower back, but comes from the lower back and goes up all the way to the head, and the christmas tree is not the erector spinae but rather from low body fat and the fascia thoracolumbalis
otherwise great video

Alec T says:

Extremely informative great work love your videos

Dave B says:

You guys think Connor Murphy is natty?

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