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MyOpinionIsAFACT says:

The most tedious thing is working out a diet for yourself >.> I don’t even know what i eat, nothing unhealthy but does it mean it doesn’t matter as long as i’m getting enough protein? Because me and knowledge of food does not go well together. These things i need to have simple. If i need protein, i’d rather have an rough estimate rather than a precise value every day.

Wadimou 84 says:

Mistake ONE AND ONLY: Start grow overproportional arms and legs, look like an Idiot, suffering inferior complex because exist bigger idiots, suffering bigorexia but don’t realise it because there are way bigger idiots suffering bigorexia…. btw, that arms look slim hahaha

Otis Ritchie says:

Very helpful!

Albin Hermenius says:

Alright, this comment won’t problaby be popular BUT, I’m supper skinny, have always been. I burn fat in seconds because that’s just how my body works. I have tried to force eat and shit haven’t happen. I have trained 4times a week for about 6 weeks now and haven’t really seen any big difference. Could someone with some knowledge help me out?

Yan Yan says:

are they have a regular job to buy those diet foods and maintenance? how they can possibly go to the gym everyday after work? so tiring! i want to gain those muscles thou no time at all.. i can support my maintenance but time is a big issue.. i do workout once a wk but i think its not good enough to achieve those huge muscles..

CityOfSandwiches says:

What are some healthy food options? Pasta? Uhh bread? I think i eat too much junk food lol. Also i heard rice is just sugar

Nur bugru says:

Justin Bieber gained muscles

Anthony Aviles says:

Theres a different between looking good with your muscles, between looking fucking bulky diformed and weird muscles

Fuck Boys Oficial says:

I need to get a *litlle* bit *FATTER*

Nathan Coogan says:

Every 1 lives at there home

The truth says:

83 kg how i am 16 and 85

Jim says:

I’m a tall skinny guy I eat pretty normally but I eat a lot, I don’t eat junk food. Should I be meal prepping if I’m trying to bulk and not cutting?

V -GAMER says:

I m gonna try ur advices, u just earned a subscriber

Perry Liim says:

I spit my water at the young miley Cyrus comment

The truth says:

Overtraining dosent exist

Ster_arch_13 says:

Who tf wants to be bulky instead of being lean? Diet is key to having an aesthetic body

Jake Schmidt says:

It looks like his eyebrows are the exact same. Like copy pasted

Marth says:

Uff given I do identify as that table Im glad the video still applies to me

CryptoInspector_Cybersecurity Games_Music_&More says:

Great Tips thanks. More over i started tracking my food/exercise intake and must say its quite hard for someone starting from scratch to log every single meal you eat, but with time i must say you learn most of the food and no need to track then accurately but more of a correct assumption since you trained for like several month logging foods and memorized a lot. However since one technique i did is stop mobile gaming and start playing Fitness logging and more productive apps, i feel like i need to do my dailies with my nutrition instead of Clash of Clans lol

Aaron livevil says:

How much pussy dies he get?

P' Jelly O says:

“pReTtY sKiNnY”

U OK mate?

Guillermo A says:

What if I have the body of a teenager , same advice applies?

zein eltahawy says:

Zac great vid but you look alittle chubbier

Bilal Hameed says:

how do i build muscle? my weight is 64.6 and i want to become 70 kg

1000_GAMIN G says:

I’m 13 hav taunt abs and did no diets but am skinny like heck… any how to grow ur arms for teens?!

Anthony Stubbs says:

His arms don’t look natural

Scabash 7 says:


Danny Grant says:

How many days a week should you work out? Like 4-5?

NoseDoge5000 says:

And number 6 was dying your hair

Ling says:

2:08 I just found out I’m a stick

David Vaccari says:

He looked better skinny and all the protein will go right to your balls

AMA NEON says:

i sexually identify as zacs table

Death Metal says:

I work out every day without rest days for only an hour. Even if that one hour is super intense. Is that good for my muscles?

Tactical Response/ says:

problem with fast food is sugar

Saleem Chalish2 says:

Wanna bulk?? Eat backlava

Progressive says:

He still alive ? 8:15

Nathan Clarke says:


Anthony Cruz says:

When he said he thought he was pretty big, but looking back he realized he was skinny. Bruhh he was bigger than me and Im here thinking im on to something lmaoo

Greg Dandy says:

If Ur a teen, unless you don’t care about growing, don’t cut it fucks up your hormones and you won’t grow

brendon wain says:

What about people who don’t like alot of foods

iPhamous X says:

I’ve been working out for 1.1 years but I’ve only gained 17lbs

Zero F-cks says:

Don’t diet too hard or eat too much
10 hApPy mEaL ChaLLeNge 5o0o0 CalOrIes

Zac Perna says:

Exciting news too guys: You can join the waiting list for my new online coaching to be one of my first clients at $1 per day!

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