STUPID PEOPLE IN GYM FAIL COMPILATION, Funniest workout fails ever

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Mack Funzy says:

7:23 seppuku

Just Funny Videos says:

NEW Video Is Up !!

Enjoy 😀

Walter White says:


B-boy Impulso says:

1:33 ¿is a fornite dance?

Rut Lui says:

look alike video gym fail >>>

Nur BoBo LGBT bodo says:

When u ope gym at russia

climentime says:

3:27 bruuhhh I was sooo scared for that guy I’m surprised I had the balls to keep watching

vlone carti says:

some spotters are just gay and want to rub up against guys

Aleksi Laiho says:

2:03 i wouldnt dare to go and interrupt him. look at him, he is gonna kick me through the ceiling.

Alyssa says:

7:24 When you want to get rid of your belly fat.

Ronald Turner says:

Why are people so dumb

Mc001Rem002 says:

6:30 ish was dead ass next level if he just tweaked it better lmao

DoubleM says:

0:39 I know what he’s training for

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ogion says:

I like how that guy laughs like Santa Claus right as his buddy face plants into some steel.

Realeye Reallie says:

0:39 mood

Adrian Drevko says:

5:16 is beat

Misery M. says:

lmfao at all of them!!!

Logan Walsh says:

6:48 I was yelling because how bad that form is

KRIOD says:

That first exercice at 00:01 is actualy a real one for the neck, football players and boxing fighters train their neck

Martin Goddard says:


vlone carti says:

2nd is weird af bruh

Thomas Chaplin says:

In my day (late 90s, early 2000s) lifting your back off the bench was immediate DQ

Courtney Richardson says:

Watching a lot of these makes me so scared that something goes wrong or they really hurt themselves. But a few of them I get a good laugh out of.

Gamingclips88 says:

9.22 is stretching

Jaclyn Glenn is a IDIOT says:

1:18 humping at the gym wtf

avatarintraining says:


Tagebuch says:

4:21 looks like an exorcism

gman57op says:

2:12 <--- free replay

Abukar Mahad says:

Every time I see people like this in the gym trying hard to work the machines I go and help them out give them a few tips and be done , I don’t take my cellphone out and make fun of them just to go viral , we all started from the bottom a gym is place to work out and if you feel superior to others than show that superiority by helping others..

Emre Coşkun says:

1. he is not stupid

OwO Chebs14 says:

Gay af

Think-a-Again says:

6:40 I got back pain just watching that deadlift form

Víctor says:

where is the guy pulling a cable like crazy, almost levitating? That cured my cancer once

prashanth prakash says:

Fucking idiots!

Moses Joseph Philip says:

0:38 The best exercise

Lamia Mahpara says:

6:58 and 7:53 are even more hilarious if observed directly while in gym. LOL.

Jesus Hong says:

1:10 XD
Looks like a gay gym porn lol

Mc001Rem002 says:

4:40 lmao chin

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