Special Forces Strength Training with SWAT Tony Sentmanat | Muscle Madness

Tony Sentmanat from Real World Tactical is a USMC Veteran and SWAT (instagram.com/realworld_tactical/), personal coach.
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Born Kim says:

What’s the music ??

SFRB1187 says:

The real life Hobbes.

Darius Skumbinas says:

song name?

Toxic Melody says:

It’s not even worth trying to hit on his daughter lol

Ursus maritimus Tyrannus says:

If only he did as much combat as he does working out…

Freddy :D says:

Beast!! Respect man!

Tom Munt-Davies says:

This is crazy strong. Whats the music in this? also good

Liam Sharp says:

For a big guy he moves pretty quick lol

Sloth says:

At 4:13 I was like, Why is this motherfucker in an elevator XD

SUB4YOU says:

I showed this video to Superman and he said, “WOW!” I’m going to give him my “S” to put on his chest.

Euclid Oikonomidis says:

i bet he cant do i pull up with only one hand


señor banner

Atanas Aleksiev says:


skuurt skuurt says:

well u see it guys always drink red bull

Tactical Practical Safe TPSCREED says:

Beast hehe

Tudor Timus says:

song name????????

rahul rana says:

do they masterbate ??

Pennconst101 says:

tire flips at 3:20…. WHAT?!?!

Joe Poi says:

The mans a beast!!

wazaaminator says:

I came here after watching spetsnaz training videos, and this looks more like crossfit than training.

Bashbot 2000 says:

This guy is insane

joshua golindano says:

like a nfl player (?) or this is most hard?

Ako threesixtyfive says:

Advanced much?! Jesus!

Oscar Orueta says:

Wow that is a fucking hell of a work out!!! I wish the Army would change its PT program to what you are doing. Strength, speed, endurance and fucking will power!!!!

fo sho says:

Why would this youtube channel show my normal warmup routine?

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