Skinny to Muscle – 1 year transformation

Finally, finally I got to making and uploading a transformation video. This is a transformation of 1 year and 4 months to be exaxt. I used pictures from 2013, in the beginning of the video because I didn’t change much until 2015 (might’ve grown taller, that’s it). I went from 127 lbs, January 2015, to 158 lbs, present day. Also, stay tuned because I will be making a video where I go into detail of my journey and the big things that I learned that might help you out.

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Royce Flamir says:


E Kazi says:

This is full natural and i am proud of you becouse you dont lyindg like someone’s who taking steroids and talk shits

P. Prasad says:

You’re great, you encourage me and I shall send this to my dear nephew who may need some visual guidance to help him achieve his goals. 🙂

Death Note says:

Dude can anyone help me with my transformation I’m trying and I always wanted to gain weight but I didn’t and don’t know where to start….so please help

og 2018 says:

1:00 kinda perv


Oh bro what diet u took can ya please help me I m same like u

-K9- says:

Im skinny as idk what but this is inspiring for me

A.Şâlvâtőre says:

Man i wish i was skinny in the first place

mmjamel96 says:

I started at 59.2 Kg one month ago
And now I’m 63.6 kg at 179 cm
And I’m 16 years old
I’m sure that I’m going to reach my goal but not sure if that’s a good gain for month .

peter kezas says:

Did you do leg excercises as well or did you work only on the upper bodu

이운섭 says:

18 years old
173 cm , 49 kg
My goal is to reach 56kg
I have failed numerous times because of stress
But um …. I ‘ ll not quit till I reach it

Wish me luck !

Smonster TIME says:

I’m fat as fuck why am I watching this XD

Wisdom of power says:

I’m 13 and I’m doing pushups for 3 months because I’m skinny and have a deep hole in my chest. I’m motivated by these videos, thank you.

Lord 37 says:

2 years. 2 years i wasted trying to lose my fat and gain mucsle. NOTHING. So i believw this is rigged. If you can do something than I CANT even do in 2 years then i believe its rigged

Power Studio says:

Man, thank you for this. Very inspiring.

Mauricio A Gomez says:

Growing up so fast and the kids will be though

ɧʋʂʂ 313 says:

I’m 16 I weighing in at 132pounds,60kg but I’m pretty tall 179cm, I get made fun of coz I’m skinny and I don’t how I’m gonna gain, I literally eat a lot, morning 6 eggs, dinner I eat rice chicken etc, after dinner 3 hrs later I’d eat some more, of what I haven’t finished, I would even eat a decent sized pizza and this is not just once a week I literally do this everyday idk if it’s genetics I don’t believe it is but I just don’t understand why I’m not getting any weight. Even my close mates said to me it’s not genetics you just don’t each much but when I over eat my body says stop or you’ll vomit. Ur inspiring hope I can be like u one day

S Triseph says:

Did u take whey protein? Or amino acid bro, Or any supplements?

Killer Dude says:

Problem is…..


Arnav Vaidyanathan says:

Why do u complain being skinny??? I am SOO fat!

Ammar says:

Ok kinda late lol…. But since you reply to most of comments…. I wanted to ask you what was your eating program.

Yousri says:

dont skip legday

Sreeshanth S says:

Wat diet u had ?

LIL balls says:

1 year damm

Heckler says:

Don’t ever giveup! Amazing video.


Inspiring story in 14 and im skinny but this inspired me ty do much

Itz Romic says:

more like 110 pounds i weigh 127 pounds and i have more muscle mass and fat percentage

Trusty Taco says:

I’m currently 120. I’ve been skinny my whole life. I hope with dedicated I can get to your level

Malte Halén says:

Good really godd

Use Data says:

Could you even fight

Manvir Mankoo says:

Can anyone do favour me by answer my question
Can we built muscle without being fat…. Would muscling lead to gain weight

Abel Ros Cast says:

It inspires me


Super brother

MTBlegitness says:

How did you not gain much fat while trying to bulk I also started at 125 and I’m at 135 now and workin our every day and eating healthy but I have more fat around Abs

Jno says:

Yeah… But dude was like 4% body fat when he started. And btw… there are a ton of things that are impossible. Need I list them all here???

Lyle Drexler says:

aww you stil ended up swinging and handicap support. good for you stud

TechGlobal says:

I am just as skinny and still went to the gym but now i’m committed i’m around 110-120 this inspired me

Bizim Pasa says:

Wow really amazing bro. 2 years ago people were calling me “Still bones”.now I am a proffesional Arm-Wrestler.guys just nevee give up.

B a W a R says:

Amazing !

MEELO925 says:

Ive never really been skinny, this was a very interesting video for me

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