Simeon Panda – Q&A Vol. 2



‘Aim to do something everyday that pushes you forwards.’


downoff says:

are u still natural?

2SUB ZERO says:

Should you do cardio we bulking up will doing cardio can make you lose muscle mass ?

ulises gallegos says:

how many years Have you been training??

John Chaser says:

This guy so dumb.. Can’t believe people actually like him..

Jack riley says:

He’s definitely natural compare him to Coleman or cuttler they are twice his size panda trains hard enough said.

Zakaria Bencharqui says:


Flam says:

The weight that he is lifting is what makes me think he aint natty, but hey, i couldn’t give a damn tbh. I get motivated.

Dario Svalina says:

can you burn body fat with cardio ?

NDSFitness says:

Beast mode motivation right there

Blecte DgT says:

Sais même plus téléphone se qu’il a !!!! Sais limite une tablette !!!!

Maquidou F2F says:

What advice would you have for a person like me who is working on becoming a motivator especially for people who are fat and are wanting to loose weight as well as for all of the others? I am going all natural just like you men. For the first four years, I had never used any supplement due to significant factors and my muscles were plain flat as a result. However, for 4 months now I am just using protein and phosphate creatine simply because of that same reason. Men a day without the gym is pain for me mentally that is. My goal as mentioned earlier is to become a motivator not just for the gym but for all other subjects using the gym as a reference. I am attending college in the Netherlands, its so hard to keep up with training. So again, what advice do you have for me? I would really help out a lot men. By the way I ways once an obese teen?

Rex Dyer III says:

“I don’t have 8 because I have 6” lol

Melanie M says:

This man is the most handsome man I’ve ever seen. My goodness.

MrRyand1 says:

at 11 minutes, that is a perfect point. I have definitely gone from enjoying being there to looking in the mirror. Need to get back into that habit!

Jendrik Schwede says:

Music of his vids he picks from him

Ahmad El-hussein says:

Can you dunk like bradley martyn?

Rolland Todor says:

I have a question.. Can you explain please,if you are working out with the “pyramid” workout? and If you do how you execute it? How many sets and reps,when you incraise the weight ,how many weeks you offer to put more weight ? thank you brother!

Earl says:

people need to watch part 1 of Q&A .. A lot of questions repetitive from part 1.

Frank Axt says:

Do a video to show us how you shape that hairline 😉

Mid May says:

Simeon is a stupid fuck

Peter Kolodziej says:

How does a natural lifter train 7 times a week… -_-

corey mcbride says:

upload more sim!

Ryan Jaques says:

Big Simeon!!!

confinez555 says:

I need help from bodybuilders or anyone who knows..plz help anyone know what moves that can be workout at triceps without stretching? my right arm was brokened sunce i was first borned the doctor pulls my arm when my mom is giving me birth but doctor pulls my arm and accidentally brokened my bone. i did a lot of surguries but nothing happened..all i can do is to workout but anyone know what moves that can develop my right arm triceps without stretching? Any moves? (If Simeon Panda answer i will really appreciated it) Thank you all… 🙁

Intensity100fit says:

People that aren’t friendly out of the gym are usually friendly in the gym, gyms are friendly

CodenameHash says:

I gotta say you seem like such a cool dude 🙂 i hope i will meet u one day

marian manzatu says:

there is no legs bro…

Aesthetic Dream Chaser says:

Simeon Panda has put the UK on the international map for fitness. Yes Dorian Yates represented the UK for bodybuilding but Simeon has done the same for Fitness. Keep up the good work. I’ve just started my channel. Won’t let anything stop me from pursuing my dream. If you folks have got a minute check it out and let me know.

Ralles Vater says:

Braaa would You give me your corvette c7 ?

BestFizz EUW says:

are you left handed? Your right is not blesses with this vein of your left arm

Danny Havlíček says:

4:51 What is the name of the song ??? That beat crazy

Craft It Fitness says:

Check out my progress from fat to fit on my channel! make sure to sub!

Nick889999 says:

how do u sleep at night knowing that you constantly lie to your fans saying that you’re natural? You’ll even constantly argue with people on social media defending the fact that you’re natural. You lie through your fuckin teeth lol.

Vince Young says:

@2:47 thats lil too much muscle to be natty bro lol.

Henrique Luis Antonio says:

Brasil Brasil Brasil Brasil Brasil Brasil Brasil Brasil Brasil Brasil Brasil Brasil

TheWuMyster says:

What gym does he go to?

K0T says:

How long is Your rest between sets?

Black_Eye says:

Can you write here what you using in your cycle ??

Kadeem Robinson says:

Hey Simeon can you do a muscle up?

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