Shoulder Workout w/ Jeff Seid

Leg Workout:

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Shoulder Workout

Over-Head press

1. 135×6 (Warm-up)
2. 185×5
3. 175×5
4. 185×5

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

1. 75×8
2. 85×8
3. 90×7 (Drop Set 55×7)

SUPER SET: Lateral Raises w/Front Raises (No rest between SS’s boys)

1. 35×12 35×16 (8 each arm)
2. 35×12 35×14(7 each arm)
3. 40×8 32.5×16 (8 each arm)

Reverse Rear Delt Flys

1. 135×12
2. 145×12 Drop Set 100×10
3. 145×10-12 Drop Set x8



Quantum Information says:

Do you need a back strap for shoulder press?

Sinder says:

sure i wanna look like hime but i don’t want to take roids 🙁

long Song says:

wtf the music

مصطفى الساعدي says:


cineva theman says:

jeff who or what is ur motivation ?

luis bustos says:

The guy in green didn’t know what he was doing

hweenmask says:

why do people say he is on roids ? he’s not small but i mean it’s not like he’s massive

Andrés says:

Who tf is making popcorn in the background

Obey Me says:

What wonderful music

gabriel jimenez says:

I love you super super video let’s all

Alan Navas says:

Where do you buy your tanks?

ray ramsey says:

who gives a fuk what he takes aslong as he wants to do it aslong as he stays healthy mind ur fukin business unless hes saying hes natty then fuk him

taeyang says:

holy shit my speakers are SHREDDED

haha get it


Fitness Junior says:

4:24 this Boy in Black is Natural …

Dr happy S says:

Is jeff natural ?
if not then which cycle he may hav taken ?

natan Barbosa says:

jeff vc parou de postar vídeos

Lun Hing says:

holy shit I thought my speaker was broken lol fuck that audio. but good vid Jeff

davemathewsrocks says:

Whats with the audio?

Walter contacto says:

no le veo lo negativo al vídeo? no importa d donde provengan esos músculo. Los tiene y punto. Nadie se pregunta de donde Messi pego el estiron, sólo gritan su gol y punto. Very god Jef!!!

Maurice Scallamera says:

C koi le titre de la musique please au début

Shawcourt 19 says:

You forgot to mention how many mg of winstrol

JR Calderon says:

I thought my Bluetooth speaker is broken!!!!

Swapnil Jambhulkar says:

who see the video on mute ?

Ram Majji says:

he is totally shaking. set up a wrong workout routine 🙁

F says:

185 damn…

Joshua Robinson says:

Fucking tool

Guido Peccatori says:

Donald Trump’s brother

wolf Baoh says:

What’s this noise?

中岡 says:


سلطان الحربي says:

what is name music….plzzzz

shubham sharma says:

what is the sequence for 6 days workout for beginners monday chest ,tuesday= ?…… and after i will take protiens then what will be the excercise for 6 days in a week ?? like monday chest and biceps , tuesday= ? and so on ?

goksu goksay says:

kıskanıyolar seni

Smith Dox says:

Wtf who’s making popcorn in the background

Đồng Nai Fanded says:

Like Body Jeff Seid haha
Good Body

Foan K says:

Just GOT myself a new Phone, so scared the sound was fucked already

ADL X says:

good you have body building

userniklas says:

Even tho the left ear audio is fucked up on some points, great video 😛

Zack Palmisano Bodybuilding says:

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wize guy wize guy says:

bro u could floss your teeth with that piece of fabric type shirt u have covering your mid section

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