Shoulder-Gains Workout | IFBB Pro Jake Alvarez

Overcomplicating your shoulder training is a surefire way to end up on the disabled list. Keep it simple, intense, and strategic with IFBB pro Jake Alvarez’s 4-move shoulder routine!
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Four moves of four working sets, plus one all-out burnout set—that’s all IFBB physique pro Jake Alvarez says you need to build impressive, balanced shoulders. Even more surprisingly, three of the four moves focus on the rear delts and upper back. Why? Because that’s where most of us are severely lacking—and setting ourselves up for future injuries.

According to Jake, this shoulder workout should take no more than 30 minutes. Whether your goals include putting big weights overhead or just stretching the boundaries of your T-shirt, give this routine a ride for the next few weeks and build a healthy, strong foundation for future growth!
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Jason Medrano says:

How much should you train your shoulders

elvis esau says:

is this routine for mass?

Funn Club says:

how to full shoulder

ASAP Fitness says:

this mf traps too big to be natty.

Stuart Xu says:

gentlemen, what is his ins account? i didnt get get. can anybody tell me that?

William Reardon says:

he definitely had a couple hits before he made this

Abbas Akbar says:

are you supposed to bring the dumbbell down to your shoulders during the first workout? I get told a 90 degree angle isn’t a full range of motion all the time

fuzzybusiness says:

what was the instagram? I didn’t catch it

eduardo Reyes says:

damn my nigga your body on point no gay shii I got to learn from you

Afif muizzaddin says:

damn awesome

Ganga Gurung says:

0.30 sec his tattoo in right shoulder ?

Z says:

He looks dead on the inside

Chinthaka De Silva says:

he is awesome

black beard says:

the bad thing with geting shredded is that your face will look 5 years older

YessaBub1 says:

great workout! Good video. Informative, not cocky, and straight to the point. Thumbs up!

SomeDood says:

this nigga look like he never slept in his whole life

myuser name says:

so do you do multiple shoulder workouts throughout the week? just working on different areas?

John F says:

I have scoliosis can I do these workout?

Ankit Pradhan says:

he looks shit.

Purple Crayon says:

this dude hasnt had a carb since 2013

M.r machine M says:

Great workout thank you so much

Cowboy Cassanova says:

damn his calves!

Mohammad Nuruddin says:

Thank You Sir!

datboyphil says:

i do shoulder press how hes doin it in the video. but i do it the arnold way i feel like you get way better results with the arnold shoulder press then regular but this workouts good only thing is id have to find a machine to make up for the pec deck because my gym doesnt have that smh.

Umesh Singh Mehta says:

thanks for such an awesome video!

Rob Peterson says:

subbed, he got the guns for the bunz!

Omar Khalid says:

No disrespect to the guy but is it me or has he got gyno

D Fields says:

he looks do tree’d lol ..420 life

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