Shoulder Day With Phil Heath – Training Tips

Shoulder Day With Phil Heath – Training Tips
5x Mr. Olympia Phil Heath Training and explaining about his workout


Indy Morning says:

The kid at 4:15 is me when I see my Calc grade

Mr19841504 says:

you know man, this i getting soooo ridiculous. i mean here you are talking about health and fittnes, all of you bodybuilders out there, and you are giving us tips how to live a healthy life and increase muscle size, what kind of exercise its good for what BUT, you are all liars!i am not hating on you but you seem to sell us only lies and you sey that a champion will still be a champion even without steriods, largeeeee amounts of them!cut the bull Phill, if you take away all the gear that you put into your body, apart for the oils that you seem to use, you will be just as a regular gim rat, maybe a little better, thats lie to us all by pretending that you do not use gear only the supplements that you seel?have you even consider the impact that you are having on the young generation, aaaa wait its like on rich pianas way of lige, get rich or die, and make others die to, trying!!!

Dawood.k. Muhammadi says:

Awesome workouts Phill

El-Ghol Gym club says: great workout

Chris Allen says:

Hes got that Eddie Murphy smile

Burn Men says:

Di he really mention tiny waist ?! … he joking right ?!

El meren says:

Thats way back from 2011 fools !Goddammit he looked young and fresh !

Loiuse says:

Those traps

#1reeferchiefer says:

I want to see raw footage there’s no need for music and all that extra stuff your trying to do

ישראל ישראל says:

I just love that spiceal man.

Remy novver36 says:

I don’t see how u feel it in yor triceps when yir doing rear dealt pullls .evn if uvr doing it wrong.

What meworry says:

This guy’s unnatural muscle development has nothing to do with his workout and everything to do with the harmful chemicals he puts into it

Kenny Mack says:

Phil Dealts looks like cannonballs

Ammar Elite Fitness Fitness says:

خالد سعيداني says:

4:54 triceps ?????? by pulling??? i think he meant biceps

Hardeep Singh says:

phil heath mussel part amazing

Varun Sam says:

Too much is too bad

K1ng of sheba says:

Does he train really heavy more often or for rep?

JW cause he is a big mofo from all day juice

veerendira kumar says:

Thank you

Yuda Ohayon says:

My dream is to work out with u once

Damien Bell says:

Dont take training tips off genetic freaks they respond to anything especially with all their drugs alot train like girls and use terrible form

M Shoaib Khan says:

Allah is emaan par chalne ki tofeeq de ameen

Neeraj Roy says:

I love u my hero

VVXC GT says:

Is it weird im eating corned beef with egg watching phil workout?

チャンクロ says:


dirk diggler says:

Stfu about hard days go to fukin graft a day then hit the gym sponsored lazy cunts trying to justify a selfish egotistical lifestyle

Will Jackson says:

the best round shoulders ever in body building good job phil

Joe Yates says:

Roelly is gonna take your title this year little Phil…… a.k.a (Phil me groin) LOL

Dharmjit kumar says:

Look nice

Jayant Atul says:

got an eargasm from the background music, name of the song anyone ??

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