Sergi Constance – How get a shredded shoulders workout

Sergi Constance – How get a shredded shoulders workout
Looking for a high intensity shoulders workout that gets you pumped, even when you’re low on energy?
I’ve just added a chest and triceps video to my YouTube channel. I use this workout when I’m getting shredded. Check it out here.
And remember my top three tips for when you’re getting shredded and need an awesome workout –
►►High reps, low weight – when you’re shredded, the intensity from your workouts should come from a higher number of reps and the weights must to be adapted as a weight that you can manage the reps and the time of rest that I give you in the instructions.
►►Plan your workout – when you get to the gym, you should know what you’re training, what exercises you’re going to do and how man sets and reps of each. If you’d like a PDF of today’s workout to print and try yourself, check the member zone on my website.►►
There’s also an extended version of this video on the website – over 40 minutes long – with full narration, bonus tips and guidance from me.
►►Squeeze!!! I repeat this all the time, but you must make the most of every rep, squeezing the muscle for a muscle and mind connexion and a maximum effect!
Remember… #BeLegend
Si buscas un entrenamiento de alta intensidad para tus hombros que te haga conseguir una congestion brutal aunque estes a dieta o que estes con energias muy bajas??
Yo utilizo este entrenamiento cuando quiero mayor definicion muscular.
Y recuerda mis top tres consejos para cuando quieres definició en tus cuerpo y deseas un buen entrenamiento para ello.

►►Repeticiones altas, pesos mas bajos. – Cuando quieres y buscas la definicion, la intensidad debe predominar en tu entrenamiento, y para ello si debes disminuir los pesos en tus ejercicios para llegar a las repeticiones, y a los tiempos de descansos reducidos debes adaptar los pesos con los que trabajas.
►►Planifica tu entrenamiento – cuando vayas al gimnasio, debes saber lo que vas a entrenar y el porque. Que ejercicios vas a realizar, cuantas series y repeticiones de cada uno. Si quieres puedes obtener el entrenamiento de hoy en PDF para imprmirlo en mi zona de miembros en mi pagina web . ►►
Ademas como miembro tambien podras ver la version complete del entrenamiento, de 40 minutos de entrenamiento real y sin efectos, con la narracion complete del entrenamiento con todos mis consejos, todo personalmente.
►►Aprieta!!! Esto lo digo SIEMPRE, pero hace que cada repeticion sea mas efectiva. Coneca el musculo con tu mente y haz que tus musculos crezcan!
Recuerda… #BeLegend
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Manuel Toloza says:

My worst nightmares are the ones on which I’m a bodybuilder

islam mgh says:

5:16 he is fucking him hhh !

Tanata Aria says:

unfortunately no name of the exercise… 🙁

kunwar Lehri says:


Denis D says:

dude what steroids do you take … i want them too

zog noty says:

oh jesus it’s just roids abuser everywhere ,the key for some idiots seems to just look healhy insted to be healthy for real.wath’s the point to die before 60 years old just to have big muscle?

Vikash Prasad says:

my inspiration my hero my legend … sergi constance

Mohammad Tarshishi says:

sergy plz a need your help iam 18 years old and want wide shoulder not narrow like your wide shoulders.plz help.mee

رونق الحياة says:

شي جميل

Shivan Bawa says:

collab with Bradley Martyn or rich piana…

anticapitalist10001 says:

take that fucking ugly ridiculous hat off man

Faris Aminn says:

bet this nigga would look weird without dem beard

Michal Jazz says:

dam good

Mighty A says:

So bad srs at least tell ppl number of the sets, and move the camera away so we can see the exercise ….

Brick HotDog says:

why is that guy on gray shirt making that face like he’s lifting heavy during warm ups? 5 lb dumbells and a smith with no plates?

Arpit Chauhan Its entertainment says:

who is this bloody cameraman,he is showing ur face only,,not the exercise, stupid

Rhiannon Angell says:

This time I’ll use Unflexal workouts guide to learn about it more.

Felipe Formiga says:

Honest workout with real weights, not showing off like most youtubers. Congrats.

faisal barkati says:

What is the alternate of Exercise 3 ?

Ghabriell Nigga says:


jatinder vir singh says:

great brother……i like it very much…thanks for guide us

Loc Tran says:

link song music i like please

DeadFox Z says:

can that guy clean up his nostrils before he workout? damn i saw something nastyyyyyy

Iron Spider says:

This guy is hulk

Trail Blazing says:

How many sets and reps for the warm up? I’m pressuming with the excerises you are going for a maximum of 4 sets with a reptition range of 8-12. Correct me if I’m wrong.

2k says:

he’s sweating Winstrol

Idendity Jonah says:

fantastic…gud to go

arun tanwar says:

should i take gainer or whey protien

Aissam Sissokho says:

So Much Hate! haha 99.99% of the haters don’t even look 5% like this guy. SMH

Omer Ahmad says:


gennaro severini says:

obvously no steroids

Jaad says:

The camera is too close

Mounir Aharchi says:

My front shoulders are the most stubborn hijos de putas muscles that won’t grow !!

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